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Hi everyone,

As many of you know we are always on the look-out for high quality cat food for our two feline royalties and while we always take care to find the best it’s not always that easy to make sense of the labels on cat food!

Many pet food companies use confusing but accepted industry to terms to mystify what’s actually in the food!

Labelling manufacturer Data Label has partnered with McAdams PetFoods to try and clarify some of the terms that are commonly used and help pet owners in demystifying the labels.

As part of this partnership they’ve created a handy infographic to help make sense of current labelling terms. We’ve created a slightly amended (basically just catified version of it as the original one used dog images 😉 ) for you guys below.

Of course the labels don’t just impact our feline friends but other pets as well and for those of you that have dogs as well as cats you might want to check out the call-out clearer labelling with the original Data Label infographic on Dogs Monthly.

So how many of you feel confident that they know what’s in the food they buy? Which brands do you find have the clearest and most honest labelling at the moment?

Help us spread the word to push the industry to produce clearer labels and shows those that have already applied these best practices that they are doing the right thing for consumers and pets alike.



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