Vintage delight: pink tassel ceiling light by Jakobsson from The Pink: Like it or loathe it, you cannot avoid the shade of 2016 that’s still big for 2017. In its plethora of hues, pink is beyond big news.  Unashamedly in your face at one end of the scale (Neon and Hot) and soothing and natural at the other (am thinking of Plaster and Germoline) pink is a decorating and styling force to be reckoned with.  Rose Quartz (to be Pantone precise) has almost become a primary colour – and its roomie, ‘Blush’ has definitely become a game changer on the home interiors scene. H&M Once a classic, now a contemporary classic. (Image:Pinterest) My early experience with pink is pretty, girly and vintage (think rosebuds, Laura Ashley curtains & ballet leotards) and yet fast forward to the late 80s and it was all about hot pink with zips and neon legwarmers – feisty stuff. Previously, there has been a backlash against pink; its too

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