If you’re the parent to a young child there is no doubt that you have stumbled across PJ Masks at some point, It might even be a daily sight in your home, for since PJ Masks first came to our screens they have been a big hit with the little ones!

PJ masks have a vast array of toys on sale that my little one will happily shout at every time we stumble across one but they’re now adding to their collection with a brand new Monthly magazine! Yes, you have read correctly, there will now be a Monthly magazine for pre-school children!

We were lucky to be sent one of the first copies before they hit the supermarkets and newsagents all across the UK earlier this month.

PJ Masks

The first thing Shaniah noticed was just how many gifts she got with this product, I too was extremely amazed! The toy she loved the most however was the watch that fired out disks, what child wouldn’t love that? however the majority of near misses to my head was less than loved!

PJ Masks

The magazine is packed full of games, stories that you and your child can read together, activities like colouring, mazes, quiz’s, stickers and posters! What could be better?

This magazine goes on sale every month and is available in all supermarkets and good newsagents.
You can still purchase their first issue from now up until 13th September when their next one comes out!

Shaniah absolutely loved this magazine and we are looking forward to September 13th to get the next issue! This is one magazine that I don’t mind buying because you get a lot for your money!

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