Are you thinking about travelling to Vietnam with the whole family? There are quite a lot of considerations to be taken into account when you plan a trip to Vietnam. I have put together a list of tips for you based on our experience of touring the country over three weeks in the summer, especially if you travel by making your own itinerary, as we prefer to do. I hope this will make your life easier and your vacation a more enjoyable journey for all, including kids of all ages.

General Advice on Travelling with Kids in Vietnam

Some parents might worry about taking their children to Vietnam, because of safety and the necessary preventative vaccines – although be aware there has been much progress and thankfully the country has had few cases of Malaria in most tourist areas in recent years. It is always worth checking with your travel clinic before you go to see what jabs might be needed. If you plan on discovering more remote areas it is certainly advisable to at least have the standard vaccinations before setting out on your travels. The country is vibrant and exotic and there are some jabs recommended by most health authorities, including tetanus, polio and hepatitis A. Some people assume that Malaria tablets need to be taken as a precautionary measure but we were ensured that the risk is very low unless you venture into very remote areas. In fact we did not need to take any, and we barely got any mosquito bites at all, but this might vary on where you venture in Vietnam and the time of year of course. The far south river deltas and the mountains inland are more at risk than the coasts and cities.



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