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Over the past few months I have raved about Digital Planning, however, 5 months into my new vocation as a Virtual Assistant, it hasn’t really been working out.  My iPad contains too many distractions and I found myself looking at more than just what I needed to do.  In fact, I don’t even think I was looking at my planner recently.

No, digital planning really wasn’t working and helping me to organise my life.  Which is something I really need. 

I started searching for a new paper planner and methods to combine digital and analogue planning.  I turned to Google and found this article about why we shouldn’t go paperless.  It made complete sense while I was reading it.  And to be fair, I had just purchased an A5 Filofax Notebook (affiliate link) so wanted to try it out. (I’ll tell you more about my Filofax Notebook in good time.)

I checked Amazon for planners, read reviews, watched YouTube videos, but I still couldn’t figure out what I wanted.  Did I go back to a Boxclever Press Life Book? 

In the end I found my way back to The Busy Days Planner (again, from Boxclever Press).  I had looked at it briefly last year but didn’t take the plunge. 

The Busy Days Planner looked great, a versatile disc bound planner which means I could add my own pages.  It’s bulky but it wouldn’t be travelling with me unless necessary. 

I have been using it for almost 2 weeks and LOVE IT. 

I’ve created my own cover.  I’ve added extra pages in (Printables are coming soon). It’s really working for me… and the best bit is the huge amount of space I have on the weekly pages. 

So let’s have a brief run down. 

Cover Page

The cover page I created is just something to make me smile.  It serves no functional purpose.  But I’m pretty sure it’s something unique.

Hopes, plans, and dreams for November & To-do list

I’m not great at this bit, but I’ve written down a couple of things I hope for, plan to and dreaming of for November.

I may be changing my To-do list this month.  But it’s quite nice to pop it in the start of the monthly section so I can keep referring back to it.

Goals, Special Days, Events, and Birthday’s for November.

I’m a rubbish goal setter.  But I have tried to set small, achievable goals. The thing I like about this page is the fact that they are already separated for me into Home, work, and me time.  It makes it far easier to set them out.  Maybe next month I’ll be a little more creative.

Monthly Spread

My monthly spread on two pages is probably the most important.  I use it for deadlines, appointments, events.  It’s where EVERYTHING goes.  It always looks a mess by the end of the month but it’s a must have in any planner for me.  I like to see the bigger picture.

Weekly Spread & Meal Plan

I plan on a Sunday ready for the week ahead.  It’s the time when I transfer everything for the week from the monthly spread to the weekly.  It contains everything I need for the week. 

I do this over the weekend, so I know what I’m ordering with my grocery shop.  It’s generally done before Sunday because shopping gets delivered on Sunday.

Weekly block schedule

As useful as the Weekly spread is, I like to see the time I have available.  It doesn’t always go to plan but it is something that has always been used in my previous planners.

Monthly Habit & Mood Tracker

This is something that I’ve just started for November.  So we’ll see how it pans out.  The thing that’s going to get to me, though, is the fact that I love how it looks so it always makes me happy.  (There are 31 days but I’ve used washi tape to blank out the last column.)

Weekly cleaning schedule

I need to get into the habit of setting aside some time everyday to get on top of my house.  It’s driving me nuts, I want to declutter, make sure that things are done on certain days.  Whereas before I could do everything as and when, now my workload has increased I’m struggling to get everything done.

So, there we have it… my current planner setup.  Let’s see yours.

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