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A Great Adventure

Zip-lining had never really crossed our mind as an activity for holidays, however, when our Airbnb host Marina mentioned the idea we felt we had to find out more. She told us that some guests come specifically for the local zip-line and it is a great adventure. We were in two minds about it whether to try it, but in the end we asked her to call them up and see if they had a slot available for Jerome and I.

We were lucky and got on the first session the following day, meaning we had to get an early breakfast in order to be there on time.  We enjoyed our tea and coffee with croissants overlooking the the lawns of the garden at beautifully renovated Villa Giuila where we were staying.  Thankfully there had not been any more snow overnight, which might have made our drive into the mountains more difficult and slower. Jerome was already over excited at the idea of reaching 100kmh on the line, I guess the anticipation of not knowing quite what to expect made it even worse.

The Drive to the Start of the Zip Line

The drive to the zip line provided us with beautiful views of the mountains and valleys much of it still covered in snow. The higher we got towards the start of the zip-line, the more snow was still lying on the ground. At first the snow was only in places where the sun had not yet reached and later on even in the open fields and on side roads. We parked our car in the car park and walked down the steps to the hut where we completed the registration form, perhaps signing our lives away! We were the first ones to arrive in our group and the formalities were done with fairly quickly. Jerome and I curiously looked at the equipment. We could see the end of the zip line, just above the hut and the cable running across the valley was mostly invisible,

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