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As a female, I absolutely love flowers, there’s just something about them that leaves me feeling super happy. However, I don’t tend to get any flowers unless I buy them myself! You can imagine my excitement when I was contacted by Prestige Flowers asking whether I would like to review a bouquet of their Luxury flowers. Now if there is anything better than receiving flowers, it’s receiving them to your door!

Prestige Flowers had my bouquet at my door within 2 days of telling me that they would be sending one, How impressive is that?
There was a knock at the door super early Friday morning and I was greeted with a huge box. As soon as I opened the box the gorgeous smell of flowers greeted my senses, inside the box was a super high quality bouquet of flowers, stunningly wrapped.

Prestige flowersPrestige Flowers

How gorgeous are these flowers? All in perfect condition and looking fresh. I also received a bag with a parcel inside –  inside the parcel was a vase. What a beautiful touch that added!

Prestige FlowersPrestige Flowers

 Prestige Flowers really do take all the steps possible to make sure that their flowers reach us in the best possible condition they can. The way they are presented is also beautiful. They really do make a great effort with it all even down to the little things, everything is thought through.

My daughter absolutely loved the roses…

Prestige flowers

Prestige Flowers’ bouquets really can be loved by all.

It has been a couple of days now since I received these flowers yet they’re still going perfectly and you can still smell them whenever you walk in to the room. They’re just so lovely!

Prestige FlowersPrestige FlowersPrestige FlowersPrestige flowers

I absolutely love these flowers from Prestige Flowers, they are really high quality and certainly good value. I love that they last a good length of time so I can enjoy them for a good few days. The bouquet comes with food and a leaflet that informs you on how to look after each individual type of flower which means you get the best outcome for your bouquet. Prestige flowers really have thought of everything here and it pays off,

I have also decided that I will be purchasing bouquets for the lovely women in my life for Christmas. for I am certain that they will love them just as much as I do. Should you wish to check out their Christmas bouquets you can find them by clicking here.

*Disclaimer: Prestige Flowers kindly sent me these flowers in return for a review. All opinions and photos are my own. You will find no afilliate links here. To read my Disclosure policy please click here.*

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