Instagram assignment process

Create an Instagram assignment and get Instagrammer responses. All for one small, one-off cost!

1.You create your Instagram assignment, adding what the assignment is, what type of Instagrammers you need and what you’d like Instagrammers to do in order to fulfil the assignment.

2.We publish your Instagram assignment via our newsletter, social accounts, within our Influencer community and across the Bloggers Required website.

3.Instagrammers review & respond to your assignment with pitch information via the contact form found on each individual Instagram assignment.

4.You choose which Instagrammers to work with from the emailed responses directly to you.

  • Instagram assignment creation form

    HELP: This form provides the template for your Instagram assignment, for blog owners to review and respond to. After this form is completed, you will be forwarded to PayPal to complete your purchase. Finally, our editors will add your Instagram assignment to the Bloggers Required site.
    TIP: If you'd prefer to add a public assignment but not name the brand, you could simply add something like (Example) > A well know high street brand, in the brand or business name section below.
  • HELP: Your name is not shown on the final listing.
  • HELP: This email address will not show on the final listing. All of your Instagram responses will be sent to this address.
  • HELP: Add a descriptive title for your assignment, to help entice Instagrammers.

  • HELP: Add your brand or business name, to help provide relevant background information for the Instagrammers. Alternatively, if you are an agency representing a brand you can also add this name.

    TIP: If you'd prefer to add a public assignment but not name the brand, you could simply add something like > A well know high street brand (example)

  • HELP: Add your brand or business/product url, to help provide relevant background information.

    TIP: Do not add a link if you want your brand to remain anonymous.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png.
    HELP: Use this section to add a relevant brand logo or product image. This image will be shown on the Bloggers Required site, Facebook page, Google + page, Twitter feed, YouTube channel/weekly video and newsletter.

    TIP: Do not add a logo or product image if you want your brand to remain anonymous.

  • TIP: If you'd prefer not to add the brands name, make sure you don't add any brand mentions within your description.
  • HELP: Describe how would you like Insagrammers to help. Include any mandatory requirements.

  • HELP: Think about any specifics you require. The type of Instagrammer responses you receive depends on how precise your assignment is. Make sure within your assignment you ask for any key desirables that you would like your Insagrammer to have in order for them to be considered.

  • HELP: Use this menu to select the desired geographic area you wish the blogger to be located. If it is a particular City or Town, please add these details to the form above, along with additional information about the desired geographic location of your target audience.

  • HELP: If you are giving away products for review, please make sure you are able to ship them to your preferred location choice. Please do not promise something you cannot later deliver on!

  • HELP: Use this space to provide more precise details about how you are prepared to compensate the Instagrammer.

  • HELP: Select the time span you would like Insagrammers to complete your assignment by.

  • HELP: Indicate the final date when this assignment will close. Once the date has passed, the assignment will be over and bloggers will not be able to contact you. (Maximum 30 days)

  • HELP: Add up to four comma separated keyword or keyphrase tags to describe your blogging assignment. E.g tag1,tag2,tag3,tag4

  • Payment

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    Please check your Instagram assignment before you click to purchase!
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