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Fertility problems have always been very close to my heart, and something I have written about often over the years as I know it can be a very emotional and lonely time.

I have written about it here, I wrote this post very raw and just let the words pour out of me, I have never re-written it, or changed it, as I did not want a polished post, I wanted it to show the emotions and that I truly understood the heartache that fertility problems bring.

For those of you who do not know my story, I was a stepmum to my two stepsons, and although I loved them to bits, I wanted that bond you get with your own child, I wanted that look I saw on my husbands face when he looked at them or spoke about them.  We tried but I lost 8 babies, I think the worst time was when I miscarried twins and I was left miscarrying for 7 weeks and was so ill.  Eventually on my last miscarriage we were told to just give my body a break, I was emotionally and physically drained, as every waking minute I just wanted to be a Mum, it consumed me totally.  Somehow with being told this, I think I had enough and said ok and got on with our lives.  This did help me both mentally and physically and during this time I fell pregnant with my now 15 year old Daughter.

I have always been an open book about my fertility problems and always had virtual door open to those of you who have and are suffering, and some of you have become friends now.

For those of you going through fertility problems at the moment, I have a great new giveaway to give you and your partner that extra boost.

Proceive is a fertility supplement for both men and women that is designed to support the nutritional needs of the body when trying for a baby  With active ingredients of

  • folic acid
  • amino acids
  • vitamins
  • minerals

Proceive are giving one lucky person a chance to win a great bundle of 3 months supply of men and women’s supplements worth £150.

Proceive Fertility Supplements

Good luck

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