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I have had plenty of cats in my life. I’ll be honest, I was never without a cat around me until recently. Although, I knew for a fact that I didn’t want to be without one for long. When I finally managed to persuade everyone else in the household that this house so obviously lacked the love and affection that a furry, four-legged feline friend could offer I was able to go and get myself another cat! We searched around for one that seemed comfortable with us and that is when we settled for a little kitten. He was super tiny and could easily fit in one hand.

The joys soon turned to hair pulling when it came to our attention that Rubble (named by Shaniah) was in fact more of a fussy eater than Shaniah! Rubble decided that after eating the chicken kitten food for a week he no longer liked it. We bent over backwards to try to find the perfect dish for the fussy man. Turns out, finding something a fussy cat enjoys is even harder than finding something for your toddler.

We were getting to the end of our tether with just how fussy Rubble had decided to become, unhelped by the fact that kitten food in the majority of shops don’t actually do any other flavour for cat except chicken. For a cat that is growing increasingly against Chicken that really isn’t ideal!

Pure Pet Food

We were about to send the cat back for being faulty when we came across Pure Pet Food a company which sells pet food that is made with 100% human grade ingredients that they’re certain not even the fussiest of pets could turn down. Their products are Freeze dried to allow the preservation of meat and to retain a real meat texture with zero preservatives.

We and I am certain Rubble was super excited to see a Fish option. Could this be the end to the fussy eating stage? Or is he just genuinely faulty? Only one way to find out and that is to give the brand a go.

The food comes dry, sealed in a plastic pouch with a bag tie to keep it fresh and a scoop included.

You can create a tasty meal for your loved cat within minutes with these easy steps.

Step 1

Using the scoop provided. Scoop the correct amount as stated on the back of the pack into your cats bowl.

Step 2

Using warm tap water, Add the same amount of water using the scoop.

Step 3

Mix Mix!

Now is the bit where I was dreading the fussy guy turning his nose up at this too. But he didn’t, in fact I am certain he gobbled it down so fast he’s given himself indigestion. Can cat’s even get that?

Now over to Rubble to see what he thought…

I thought it was purrfect

I clawnt get enough

The food was an instant hit and it lasts for ages which is great! Rubble has been eating it for a good couple of weeks now and the fussiness seems to have vanished – yay! Now to find a solution for the troublesome toddler!

We were sent these products in return for a honest review. All opinions are my own. to read my Disclosure policy in more depth you can read it here.

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