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Hi everyone,

Please find below the latest entry in Purrsday Poetry by Archena:


Lithe and lively,
Gray and small,
Bundle of curiosity and calm,
Warm and loving,
Softly on my shoulder lying,
Or kneading my arm as I try to play.

Someday, we’ll be parted.
I’ll leave you or,
More likely you will go without me.
Then, as now, I will commend you to
The One Who made you.

And you’ll teach some busy angel
How to ride the celestial air
With a small gray drop of love on his shoulder.
And when to settle down for a cuddle.

But until then Heaven’s loss is my gain.

We’ll visit Tractor Supply so you can wave
Your fur-flag tail graciously to your fans.
You’ll get your secret can of fake salmon food
While I pretend not to spoil you
The way you spoil me.

And we’ll have our moments
You purring in my ear as if recorder practice weren’t hard enough.
Baths and nail clippings to be suffered through
Ever the gracious little lady
Always ready to give your love

How I will miss you
And how glad I am to have you now.
This is God’s gift
That such different ones as we can know the joy of mutual presence
Ah, if we could share His love with all,
Would not the world be wonderful?
If perhaps a bit furry.

Come on,  your fans await.
Maybe it is enough to share you-
After that bath…

This post first appeared on Larilees Blog.

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