It’s time to get fit. I’ve recently had a new-born daughter and I’m 39 this year, and truth be told I’m beginning to panic. You could describe my physique as a typical dad bod.

The reason behind the panic is that, although 39 is no longer considered that old to be a parent, it’s that when my daughter is 10 years old I’ll be pushing 50. When that happens, I want to be able to run around like I did in my early thirties when my other daughters were the same age.

That’s why as I approach the 40-year-old milestone, I have to get fit for my kids and myself.

Where Has It Gone Wrong?

For as long as I remember I have never been a slim person. Primarily because I like food. Then I like the occasional pint or glass of wine. The middle age waistline is beginning to set in and it’s not getting easier to lose.

Being a pencil pusher in an office doesn’t help. I have moved from sitting to standing at my desk but this is still static and there isn’t enough movement.

Being a bit bigger has had its advantages especially when playing rugby. Those days have come to an end though and training twice a week and playing a game on a Saturday no longer exist. Although I don’t miss the training in freezing cold boggy conditions, I do miss the camaraderie that exists in the rugby clubhouse.

Exercise isn’t a problem. I enjoy all forms of exercise but it is glaringly obvious that my calories in are outweighing my calories out.

Gareth & I running a 10K. Yes, that’s me with a giant pink unicorn on my back.

Setting an Example for the rest of my family. Going for that run in the rain. Using the exercise bike when you really can’t be bothered and developing a mental toughness are all attributes that I want to pass onto to eldest and youngest daughter.

Mentally, I find that exercise is the best way to keep the demons at bay.

The Plan

Target is to lose a stone, to begin with, and take it from there. This is not some new year, new me thing. I’m not setting a target but would like to do this within 3 months by eating healthier and exercising. My weight fluctuates and I haven’t got the body type that burns calories, it has to work hard to do so. I look at a bit of cake and put on half a stone so will have to be disciplined.

This is more of getting to the desired weight in a sensible way and maintaining long term. Remember that this is for

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