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Yurt Glamping with Caalm Camp

Ever Since Ryan and I started dating I’ve been trying to get him to come camping with me but he’s a man of luxury and going back to basics was just never going to happen. However, after numerous negotiations Ryan agreed to try out glamping!

We took a short trip to Shaftesbury where Caalm Camp a multi-award winning glamping site is situated. Caalm Camp is open all year round and is suitable for families, people with disabilities… everyone! Within this site is six large Yurts each named after flowers. Inside each yurt is two single beds and one double, a stove for that much needed morning brew and a log burner but most importantly…Electricity! Perfect for those that love their luxuries.

The yurts are exactly like you’d find them in their native home of Mongolia. You will find no screws or bolts here instead you’ll find them being held together with horse hair! The first thing you notice when you enter is the amazing hand crafted painting on the beams. They’re incredible!

On site, there’s a large building called the old haybarn with a good-sized kitchen with individual fridge and cupboards for each yurt. Each cupboard has plates and cups and cooking equipment all the things you require for meals. There are two ovens and hobs with cafetière and tea pots for all, microwaves and even a washing machine – Perfect for those inevitable spills on your children’s clothes!

We were super excited to find that each yurt also had their own bathroom too, fit with a shower, heated towel rail and underfloor heating. You really do get a sense that you are glamping in luxury. Each bathroom is locked too so you are able to leave your toiletries in your bathroom – amazing!

There’s also a lounge area which has loads of toys for youngsters, board games and a tv with a dvd player and a super comfy seating area and dinning tables.

There’s even a Pizza oven which you are able to hire – perfect for those Pizza and prosecco nights!

Down at the bottom of the camp site there is a massive children’s play area. Everything is safely far away from traffic so your little ones are free to roam.

Later that evening…

Once we finished having a wander round we headed out for dinner. If you don’t fancy cooking on site you are far from short of places to eat out. No matter what you are after you are sure to find it here!

After heading to the local Tesco to pick up some goodies for that evening we headed back to our yurt. We were both astonished by just how warm the yurt actually was. When I say warm I actually mean boiling it really was no different to being at home! These log burners sure-fire off some heat. To see you through the night you are able to purchase a bucket of coal for a minor £3 which you place in an honesty box. Ryan gave it the whole Macho approach and decided that he would just keep putting wood on. In fairness you don’t really need to do that often as the burner really does warm the place to the peak.

We were informed by Mark the incredibly friendly owner that there was due to be a meteor shower this evening. Eek! What better place to witness my first ever meteor shower?! The sky is super clear here as it is away from any city or street lights you can see everything!

We sat outside for a bit with some alcohol before sleep got the better of us so we headed inside. It really was so warm in there that Ryan had no trouble walking around in a t-shirt. we led in bed and just listened to the wildlife. Owls hooted, sheep bleated and relaxing became second nature.

With the luxury of electricity and FREE WIFI we were able to watch some movies on Netflix on the laptop. This place is great!

The following morning…

Now that was seriously the best nights sleep I’ve had in a while. The beds are super comfy. We woke to the smell of our neighbours cooking bacon. The instant regret of not bringing our own hit us. We went into the old haybarn to ponder on what we could do today. You are far from short of places to check out. The famous Hovis hill is just down the road. Ryan and I decided to head to Haynes international motor museum which is full of cars both modern and vintage.

After spending the day there we headed back to the campsite to pack up our belongings for Ryan had an important fishing match the following day.

Once everything was packed up we said our goodbyes to Mark, although we promised him we would be back next year. Ryan doesn’t want to leave it too long before we spend more nights in the yurt – result! The following words that came out of Marks mouth were music to Ryans ears, he said..

“You like fishing? Why, we have a big lake on site and just down the road there is a fishery with 7 lakes which frequently have matches held.”

Now, if you know anyone who absolutely loves fishing this is THE place to go. Whilst they’re getting in some much needed fishing practice you can be having a massage in your yurt by the masseuse!

Just a few months prior to this holiday Ryan’s dad who is also a keen angler was looking for new holiday places to go fishing in the UK but things like that are far and wide. With Ryan absolutely loving this place it wont be long until we return with the extended family!

Caalm Camp, thank you for having us we will see you very soon! 

You can find out more about Caalm Camp or even book on their website here.

Disclaimer: We were kindly gifted this holiday in return for a honest review. All opinions are 100% honest and all photo’s are my own.

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