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Hey lovelies,

Last week I experimented with a product called Quorn, which is a meat substitute for vegetarians but not vegans as it contains egg. It is described as a mycoprotein, which is high in protein and low in fat.

What brought this on?

Just a quick brief, I have sort of stopped eating meat (sort of because its been a couple of weeks). I was never really a meat lover, but I loved chicken(I was a chickenarian). I’m not against eating meat, however, meat nowadays it’s not like it used to be.

Fun fact about me: I was born and lived in Ghana for the first 10 years of my life. I was brought up on organic, free range meat, eggs and not because I was rich, but because that was the norm. The chicken I ate was fed corn in my home, killed and cooked almost immediately. I remember when I was coming to the UK and my aunt told me that British people eat chicken bought from the supermarket. I was confused. How do you buy a chicken from the supermarket? She told me it is killed, then stored in the fridge. Disgusting, I thought. But not for long. Especially after having my first piece of KFC chicken.

I don’t say I’m a vegetarian, as I still eat fish and may have the occasional meat at bbqs. I just want to eat more vegetables, and substitue fish with meat where necessary. there are several reason (health being the main reason) that has initiated my step into vegetarianism. I just hope I have the willpower and this will not to be a phase I will look back and laugh about  it later with my friends. The ultimate goal is to be a complete vegetarian or a vegan (maybe when I turn 50 God’s willing). The point is I am taking baby steps to be a vegetarian.

What did I make?

I made Spaghetti bolognese using the same recipe I would for minced meat instead I used frozen quorn mince.



I was very impressed with how it turned out. It looked like regular bolognese sauce to me. See below and judge for yourself:



Okay. How do I put this. You know when something taste like, but it’s clearly not. You know like skoda and a volswaggen car, or like honey and sugar, both taste sweet but different. Kind of like that. So it taste like bologneseish. it’s not bad. It was tasty but not quite like actual minced beef bolgnese.

Personally, the texture is what gave it way. It was different. Quorn is noticeably softer compared to beef mince. I feel that’s where points were lost for quorn. The flavour was there but the texture was completely different.

Isabelle liked and ate it. Isaiah on the other hand doesn’t like bolognese so he didn’t eat much of it, which was expected.

My verdict

Quorn was tasty in it’s own right but not compared to minced beef bolognese. It’s a good substitute. Not completely convinced that I’m a quorn convert however, I will keep a packet of frozen quorn for when I crave bolognese.


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