Good evening beautiful people.

Many of you will know that besides posting anything beauty related I am a vaper. I was offered the opportunity to choose 3 e-liquids from so was really happy and excited to try them. Unfortunately I was sick so these liquids i was not able to try until more recently but i wanted to really give them a try in a few different tanks.

I picked Strawberry Fusion, Trinity Creme and Noble Mint all in Zero’s as I don’t vape for nicotine, i gave up smoking cigs quite a few years ago now, i do it more for social and just to try out all the different yummy flavours available out there.

I also have quite bad asthma and a lot of the menthol e-liquids really help open up my air ways on really bad days so it’s actually really helpful in that way.


I was super impressed to see my large bubble wrapped envelope arriving so quickly and well packaged. As you can see in the picture the e-liquids all come boxed and wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure safe arrival.


I just love how classy and modern the packaging is.. Matte black smooth box with silver embossed lettering located frontal with white lettering on the sides and back.

Red Vape’s Ethos stated on the side of each box :

Red Vape blends only the finest quality ingredients.

Our e-liquids are made in the UK, combining premium quality with heritage values for a truly unique experience.


So the flavours I chose from the website are 15ml. The liquids come in really lovely shaped glass bottles with a black child friendly dropper pipette as the lid. Located on the front and back are as you can see black little stickers containing all the important information you may wish to know including nicotine strength, ingredients and cautions.

The three particular liquids chosen by me are 50/50 liquids.

For those of you new vapers or individuals thinking about starting vaping the 50/50 stands for 50% Propylene Glycol & 50% Vegetable Glycerine which are your basic vape liquid ingredients along with individual flavourings.

PG – Propylene Glycol is known for giving more flavour, more throat hit but less Vapor production.

VG – Vegetable Glycerine is known for being thicker giving more vapor and smoother – giving a rather decent cloud on exhalation.

Personally I love a good cloud but with a good flavour, so i usually go 70/30 or 80/20 because of my main vape tank and mod..but that doesn’t mean i don’t enjoy 50/50 .. in certain tanks 50/50 is a great balance and can still produce a decent cloud as well as great flavour.. This is why my review took so long!! I spent 3 days vaping on each individual liquid using a selection of my vape tanks with all fresh coils to really put these e-liquids to the test!

So let’s talk about Strawberry Fusion first : Fruit Collection

Strawberry is one of my favourite flavours of everything.. hence why I picked this one. Red Vape explain it as :

A luscious and fruity taste of fresh picked strawberries with a super smooth indulgent creamy after taste infused with the lightest hint of vanilla giving an all round beautiful vape.


My verdict : On first impressions without even beginning vaping this juice I thought it smelt pretty damn incredible, i mean the strawberry was so fresh and smelt so edible.. so yes i did, i had just a little taste on the back of my hand and oh my goodness i couldn’t wait to give it a vape!

My Tanks I chose :

Aspire PockeX ( Pen Style )  – Initial taste of strawberry with a very smooth creamy after taste.. I couldn’t really taste any vanilla in this tank unfortunately but still pleasing on the taste buds.. cloud was pretty average for a pen style e-cig.

Smok Alien 220w Mod ( Baby Beast Tank ) – Unfortunately with this liquid being a 50/50 high wattage just made it taste burnt! Even with the fresh coils so I decided to eliminate this tank from the taste test completely.

Griffin 25 Tank – This is my baby and my daily tank and I have to admit i was a little concerned with this one.. Griffin 25 tanks are known for leaking with anything lower than 70/30’s and with this liquid being a 50/50 i was concerned.. Saying that many people have been successful in using 50/50 juice in the Griffin without leakage i was not so lucky! With juice control fully closed not 1 drop stayed in the tank! But even with a leaky tank that wasn’t going to stop me from using it quickly because i just new the flavour would be intense!! The taste in the griffin was pretty amazing just as i expected.. really smooth just like the Aspire but with that really nice after taste of vanilla stated.. just beautiful. Cloud wasn’t great in the Griffin but due to the Griffin not the liquid.. Griffin is designed for high wattage.

Wotofo Serpent – Now this is where it got awesome! The serpent tank is designed for big flavour at low-wattage which turns out to be bloody perfect for this 50/50 juice, the flavours were insanely good and I must say very well-balanced. The cloud produced from this juice was impressive even with the wattage set as low as 15 watts.

So for sure the serpent and this 50/50 juice was the perfect match – one hell of flavoursome e-liquid this one!!


Up next is Trinity Creme : Bakery Collection

Red Vape explains this one as –

A blend of rich vanilla custard with a reduced caramel and a delicate hint of nutmeg giving a delicious flavour combined with a silky smooth throat hit.

My verdict : Again on first impressions with the back of my trusty hand this liquid tastes pretty impressive.. Custard, Custard, Vanilla Custard.. so much Custard just so damn yummy!! Red Vape.. you spoilt me!!

I decided with this juice to test with the Wotofo Serpent and the Aspire PockeX because of the unfortunate mishaps with the Baby Beast and my Lil Griffin!!

Wotofo Serpent – Again in this tank really great flavour! First hit with a crazy smooth vanilla custard then you get a lovely and subtle caramel note. I couldn’t taste the hint of nutmeg in this tank but even though I couldn’t taste nutmeg it is still a very tasty juice. Again – very impressive cloud on as low as 15 watts!!

Aspire PockeX – The Trinity Creme in this e-cig was really nice and smooth but tasted slightly different to the Serpent! Again, the vanilla custard was beautiful only this time it was just a hint of caramel but I could taste the lovely warming nutmeg o_o Although it tasted different it was still a beautiful combination. Pretty average cloud for a pen style e-cig!


Last but certainly not least!!!

Noble Mint : Mint Collection

Red Vape explain it as :

A complex combination of natural spearmint extract known as menta spicata, natural Swedish lingonberry extract and natural red currant extract.

My Verdict!!

First impressions yet again, my hand was so blessed with these beautiful juices.. what a treat! Interesting first taste, wow.. what a unique flavour!! My taste buds we’re crazy.. I had an instant puff of vapor and oh my!


Red Vape.. You are spot on with this one.

Aspire PockeX – In this tank the inhale gives a weak taste of spearmint but it does give a nice cooling sensation in your mouth and throat.. then you get hit with the lovely Swedish lingonberry. I will admit here, this is the first time I have ever tried lingonberry and it won’t be the last.. thanks to Red Vape. I can’t explain exactly what lingonberry tastes like and i can’t compare it because it’s like nothing i have tasted before! But what i can tell you is that you are missing out in the vape world if you haven’t tried it yet!

To finish off the beautiful lingonberry you get a nice subtle sharp sour note coming from the red currant but it doesn’t overpower the lingonberry. Not sure why but I got a bigger and thicker cloud with this juice .. weird!

Wotofo Serpent – I have saved the best till last! I was expecting subtle changes in flavour but I was in for a shock.

The spearmint was absolute perfection.. it was smooth, cooling and a palette cleanser which gave the lingonberry an insane full flavour and then that sour edge from the red currant just rounded the flavours off for a heavenly vaping experience.

The cloud was very impressive on 15watts again.

Phew, we made it! What an experience.. I have to say after testing all 3 I would definitely recommend the Wotofo Serpent tank for these liquids just because of the flavours you get.

I would definitely 1000% recommend these liquids, Red Vape has really lived up to exceed my expectations and put a lot of thought into these unique flavours because they compliment each other perfectly!

Red Vape.. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try out these liquids, honestly beautiful flavours and a real experience. One request though some 70/30’s or even better 80/20’s would be amazing in these flavours!!


Love you guys, see you all again soon. XXX


Read the full original post here authored by Zoe Smith. You can visit her blog here.

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