Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. The main thought that has crossed my mind is my reason for blogging. Every blogger has their reason. I wonder why I put so much pressure on myself. I blog because it’s something I love. Like I’ve said before, it’s therapeutic for me. Especially when discussing more personal situations and feelings.

My mission

My blog’s mission has always been to inspire at least one person with each post. I’ve realised that this doesn’t mean I have to blog daily or weekly. If you’re someone like me and blogging is a hobby, why put so much pressure on yourself?

Doing something you love should make you happy. It definitely shouldn’t make you stressed about your blog’s appearance, stats, performance etc. Make it your own. Try your best not to compare yourself to others. Remember everyone has their own reasons.

The truth about my blogging

Without being able to enjoy my other hobbies or socialising with friends and families, I’d be unhappy. That’s why my blog is the way it is. It’s mine. It’s tailored to what I believe in or enjoying writing about. I’ll always hope to inspire others whether it’s a sponsored post or a personal one of my own.

looking over the sea blackpool

The same goes for social media. I don’t want to be soaked up into a world that is dictated from social media platforms. I prefer not to get caught up in all of the negativity. It’s all about following those whose work you like and uplifting each other.

All that being said, I’d like to share what I’ve been up to. Me and Danny took two day trips over the bank holiday weekend. One to Blackpool and the other to Llandudno, Wales.

Blackpool Zoo

If I’m right, I hadn’t been to Blackpool zoo before until Sunday. I was

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