I must be the last person in the world (well, among outdoor lovers anyway) to finally start appreciating the wondrous tube of fabric that is the Buff. If you’ve never heard of it before, the multi functional headwear has a dazzling array of uses, from a scarf, to a sweatband, a hat or, my personal favourite at the moment, a rather snazzy hairband.

This video neatly sums up a few ways to wear your Buff.

When I was first asked by Kitshack, the official UK Buff distributors, if I wanted to try something from their Spring/Summer collection, I was overwhelmed by the choice! There are so many cool designs, but I stayed true to my heart and went for this gorgeous camping print.

I love the design of my Buff, perfect for me!

I hate conventional, bulky scarves, but this is a different beast. Made with Coolmax Extreme, it’s light and comfortable and wicks moisture away effortlessly. It also has high UV protection, in the rare event that we actually see any sun this year. The weather has been strange lately, alternating between warm and sunny, rainy, cold, rainy, windy and rainy (often in the same day). The Buff is perfect for these changeable days! On cooler days, I’ve worn it around my neck to keep the cold breeze out, I’ve worn it as a hairband when running or walking, especially when it’s been warmer and I want to keep my hair out of my face. I did briefly wear it in a headscarf type style, but Luke refused to be seen with me (I might have looked like an old lady but I liked it, it was very practical). I have also worn it around my wrist where it’s a handy sweatband or hanky for a toddler snot emergency (don’t worry it’s machine washable).

The ultimate multitasker in action (the Buff, not me)

I am definitely won over and rarely leave the house without my Buff these days. In fact, I’m starting to think about kit for my 50 mile walk next month, and safe to say this was the first thing I wrote down. I have also just seen that they do child sizes, and even a dog version. I love the idea of a whole family being kitted out in matching Buffs!

What do you think, is this the most versatile bit of outdoor wear ever?

Family Fever

Read the full original post here authored by Lauren Moseley. You can visit her blog here.

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