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It seems that not just the perfumes, but also their launches, are not as they used to be. The entrance of Dior Poison Girl in perfume shops had the proportions of a royal parade (but, considering its intensity, I would rather call it an invasion). The trumpets were indeed missing, so were the trapped exotic animals and entertainers, but the huge banners written with pink lettering, the thundering music, the hostesses that chased you around just to get that new perfume on you, did manage to put together an atmosphere of glamour and unusual extravaganza when I tried to get into the shop and buy myself a lipstick.

I was immediately flanked by two blonde models and deviated from my path so I can be shown the sensational novelty. I did not make too much out of the marketing story because of the loud music, but I did get a bottle and I managed, in the end, to set myself free. Now, after catching my breath, I did test the perfume in the peace and comfort of my own home and this is what I think about the new Poison Girl.

It starts a little bit smoky, almond-like, very promising, but in a short while the smoky part which appeared to me as appropriate fades away and the perfume passes into a sweet phase, where it settles for good. There’s everything in this perfume, all sorts of noticeable gourmand elements: almonds, lots of vanilla, fruits, and tonka. What else could you ask for? A glass of cold water, perhaps.

Every note of the perfume can also be felt individually, but, looking at it as a whole, it seems to be quite homogenous. Maybe just the tonka slices through the composition with its rather pungent scent, but you can’t condemn it, as it does well. It lights a sparkle in the perfume. Toward the base, it doesn’t lose its sweetness, but it seems to me that it becomes slightly powdered, considering that we do step into a new era of powdered perfumes (see Valentino Poudre, followed by Narciso Poudre, etc.).

What I like: They attacked it from an angle, slightly unconventional if I can put it this way, in comparison with the barbaric sugariness found in current perfumes, but still, it is not a significant change of style. The industry evolves in a slow rhythm… The sweetness of Poison Girl works well on low temperatures and I think that you can really make it shine out in the cold air. If you were to wear it in the right background (I am not sure how the right contexts should look like, but I feel that there must be one out there), it may even trigger, to some, a state of bizarre addiction. Thus, I anticipate a new trend for LVEB.

It feels young and trendy and I have to admit that if I were a teenager, I would wear this perfume. Alright, I would also wear Vicolo Fiori and Drole de Rose, but I would keep Poison Girl with outings at rock concerts with the group of friends. Anyway, concerning the ingredients I will have to repeat myself, Demachy was inspired to introduce a good tonka essence to successfully censor a ridiculousness that was almost imminent.

What I don’t like: I don’t like that when you smell it from a close distance you can feel something artificial in it. Of course, I wasn’t expecting anything artisanal, but some expectancy for better is normal to be there. It’s a Dior. Then the whole theme is formed on the (still very actual) pudding-like olfactory trend.

From such an edition name I wasn’t expecting to find an abstract perfume like an existential haiku, but…I have to say it again: it comes from Dior…which provided, at some point, several legendary editions. And by the way, since we came to the name of this perfume: why Poison? It doesn’t have anything to do with the classic… But if you think about the fact that they named it precisely because people will associate it with a hit, then the idea immediately gets some sense.

If you ask me, the perfume is more Girl than Poison. And when I hoped that they may have found some inspiration in the lyrics of Him’s song “Poison Girl”… to serve us a poison with a slow but lethal effect. “I did it all just for her / I did it all just for her / And love’s heart is death For me and my poison girl / And the taste of the poison on her lips is of a tomb…”

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