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The Apple Vs Samsung debate has always and let’s face it will always be one of the most dragged out debates. Personally for me I am a Samsung girl, I am not saying that without having tested them both thoroughly first. Because I have. Each year I’d go from Samsung to Apple then back again but I believe that I have finally settled now with my trusty Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

As a blogger, I spend the majority of my days on my phone, so what I really needed was a phone that could do it all. Sure Apple aren’t completely useless but for me after comparing the two latest models from each company Samsung had a very big lead with their latest model.

I pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 so I could have it the day it came out. I must confess that I have never actually done that before but this phone seemed unlike anything I have ever seen before. Low and behold my expectations were far from wrong.

The Note is everything that I thought it would be and more.

It’s not humongous but it is a good size. I love that there are no buttons on the front of it so its all on-screen. I know what you’re thinking “Oh I don’t like the sound of that, I’ll probably tap the touch buttons by accident.” Hmm now that is where Samsung are one step ahead of you. You see, the home, menu and back can be hidden until you require them meaning that you have more screen!

Cameras, oh my word the cameras. They’re truly something else. As a blogger a good camera is something that I rely on heavily. I used to be seen walking around with my chunky camera hanging around my neck but one thing that pleasantly surprised me and something that I cannot stop boasting about to my Apple loving family members is the quality of the Cameras in the note 8! They truly are incredible. You see there are now 2 cameras on the back and they have really hit the nail on the head with this one. The quality of these cameras are like nothing I have ever seen on a smart phone before. Every photo I capture are clear and Colourful and I love that it has a background blur effect which is perfect for when I want to take a photo and focus on a specific feature it is also a god send when I am taking photo’s of my little one and there are other people’s children in the background, it simply blurs them out and I don’t need to worry about the identity of other children. You are able to adjust just how blurry you want the background even after you’ve taken the photo with the editor. With the camera being so incredibly advanced I don’t need to take my chunky camera with me everywhere I go because I am comfortable that my Note 8 will take the perfect shot for me.

Photo taken on my Note 8

taken by note

taken by camera

The best thing by far with the rear cameras is the fact that one of them moves to compensate your shaky hands so should you be a little shaky your photos are not affected. Perfect photos with ease? Samsung’s got your back!

Battery Life, Something that Apple still haven’t managed to catch up with is Samsung’s pretty impressive battery life. Perfect for those that need to do a lot of things on their phones throughout the day. spending my life on social media I still find my phone with at least 20% battery life at around 8pm perfect!

Speed. The speed of this phone is incredible. You don’t get the annoying lagginess that certain smartphones carry with them. You want to open that app it’ll open it straight away. Even with the numerous messages coming through on Twitter from a certain group chat (Hey Queens!) the note still works to the best and fastest of its abilities.

Moving onto The screen display. It is of extremely high quality something that I noticed straight away having just come from Apple who although their screen isn’t too bad it’s made to look pretty plain Jane when compared to the beauty that is Samsung note 8. Ryan spends his evenings watching YouTube to get some tips for his fishing comps. One thing that immediately made him certain that he will be making the apple to Samsung switch when his contract runs out is the incredible display when watching videos. The screen makes  you feel as though you are actually watching it in person. It’s like nothing I have ever seen on a smart phone before.

Unlike iPhone, S-pen and Fast charging come as standard. The Note comes with the pen built-in and every Samsung Galaxy for as long as I can remember has come with the fast charging plug-in the box.

Samsung Dex Station

A new gadget that Samsung has brought out with the new range of Galaxy’s is the Dex station. The dex station is supposed to turn your phone into a computer.  With phones becoming smarter and smarter it was only a matter of time before something like this was invented. With it being the first of its kind I wasn’t holding out much hope in terms of how well this actually worked but it’s incredible it really is super smart.

The Dex station is super easy to set up, all you need is a Computer monitor (Or TV screen like me), Keyboard, mouse and a galaxy 8. Everything plugs into the back of the dex station and you’re good to go.

Once everything is plugged in you have a working computer before your very eyes. All the apps and stuff you use on your phone? You can now use on the big screen! Samsung Galaxy have Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneDrive built-in which you are also able to use when it is in the computer mode. Some of the apps don’t fit the whole of the screen when in computer mode but then this is a new gadget so you can’t expect everything to be perfect. You can still use and see everything so really there’s nothing to worry about there.

It is super easy for me to do my work using the Dex station then finish it off later on the phone. The possibilities are literally endless with this gadget.

I like my reviews to unbiased so here are the top pros and cons of the brand new Samsung Dex Station.

Overall Verdict.

I have totally fallen in love with this phone. It is capable of doing everything I need and more, the Dex is incredible and can only get better. I highly recommend this phone to anyone who uses the internet or social media a lot whether it be their job or just addicted to social media. The camera is perfect for those that love to take a lot of photos and better still, you are able to insert micro SD cards instead of the option of buying more storage like other smart phone operators. Overall, it is always going to be Samsung for me because they have no hidden costs. With the Note you get all the things Apple have just “released” as standard.

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