Anyone who reads this blog knows that we are massive camping fans, and love heading off with our family tent for a few days under canvas. Up until now, we’ve shied away from smaller backpacking style tents in favour of a rather more luxurious setup. This approach has it’s drawbacks however. We currently have to take Luke’s van away with us due to the size of our current tent and the ridiculous amount of gear we have. We originally fell in love with camping due to how simple it is and how much we enjoyed spending a few days outdoors getting back to basics. In recent times, both me and Luke have discussed getting a smaller tent and spending time at more rustic, semi wild campsites. We’ve even mentioned the possibility of trying some proper wild camping at some point, but all that would involve having to seriously downsize and invest in a new tent.

With that in mind, when Ellis Brigham got in touch to see if we wanted to try out the Vango Helix 300, we jumped at the chance.

First Impressions

Weighing in the realms of 2.5kg, the Helix 300 is tiny compared to what we’re used to (our gargantuan Outwell Montana 6AC) and it was a revelation having a tent that I could carry around. Although fairly big in terms of backpacking tents, as this sleeps 3 it could easily be carried by a couple of people with no issues at all.

Using my three year old for scale, the Vango Helix 300 packs down very small.


It’s been a while since I’ve had to deal with anything other than our airtent, so I was pleasantly surprised that, even though I’m out of practice, the Helix 300 was incredibly easy to pitch on my own. Depending on the conditions, there is the option to pitch flysheet or inner first. We’ve always gone inner first and found it very straightforward.

Pitching inner first is easy due to the colour coded poles

The Helix 300 consists of a classic tunnel design and has 2 poles; one long

Read the full original post here authored by Lauren Moseley. You can visit her blog here.

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