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Tavira is a small coastal town located in Eastern Algarve a mere 30 minute drive from Faro Airport. During my recent Winter Adventures to Faro, I took a day trip to Roam Tavira Portugal. Because the town is so small, I was able to explore the town within a few hours. I chose to Roam Tavira Portugal mostly because of the culture, the Portuguese foods and it has its own Island.

Tavira is not a town I was familiar with, most of us are familiar with Lisbon, Porto and even Faro. I made a point of dedicating a few hours to Roam Tavira Portugal before my flight back to the UK. I was absolutely taken back by this small coastal town in the Eastern Algarve region. Whilst I only spent a few hours I was able to Roam Tavira Portugal in its wintery glory. In this article, I aim to share ways to Roam Tavira Portugal in a few hours.

Roam Tavira Portugal

How to get to and around Tavira 

Tavira like most of Portugal won’t win any awards for its public transport but regardless it’s easy to navigate. If you’re traveling from Faro Airport, you can either take the train to Faro then to Tavira or a bus to Tavira. Other options include hiring a car which can be expensive if your budget doesn’t allow for it or you can book a Tuk Tuk.

As my base for the Algarve winter adventures was Faro, I was able to grab a train. The ride takes 45 minutes and costs 7 euros for a single ticket and 17euros for a return ticket. The rest of Tavira is easy to navigate on foot, from the train station its an easy left turn and walk down to the old town. From their everything is within walking distance including the sea side.

Roam Tavira Portugal

Roam Tavira Portugal|10 Things To Do

Though Tavira is small doesn’t mean it doesn’t have much to offer, quite the contrary, it has lots to offer. From an impressive seaside to a nice quaint old town plus a river running across the town. I was lucky to be with another solo traveller and we had a lovely time exploring the town. Whilst in Tavira, here is what we got up to;

Visit a Dozen Churches

Tavira is a mother of all churches with over 30 religious buildings in this small coastal town. Whilst not all churches and places of worship are in use it does speak to the importance of Tavira during the Portuguese expansion. During our visit, we saw more than a dozen churches and were impressed by how different all of them were to each other.

Tavira Castle and Gardens

Though to be honest there is barely anything left of the castle, there are beautiful gardens inside. I wanted to check out what is left of the castle plus the ruins make for a perfect 360 view of the city. The gardens are beautiful with various different flowers and is very well maintained.

Roam Tavira Portugal

Church of Santa Maria do Castelo

The church is considered a national monument in Tavira and is located a few yards from the Castle ruins. We visited on Sunday when the church was in session so we did not get a chance to enter. It was believed the church was built in 1242 to replace various other religious institutions that had been built there previously.

Cross the Gilão River

Most of the old town is a pedestrian zone and its where you can cross the Gilão River using the Ponte Romana Bridge. The Ponte Romana connects the two sides of the town and is an iconic symbol of Tavira.

Roam Tavira Portugal

Camera obscura

Camera obscura is one of the best ways to see Tavira, it gives 360 view of the town. It offers a virtual tour of Tavira and costs 3.50 euros per person but honestly worth the money.

Visit Anchor Cemetery

Though the Praia do Barril is walkable, we took an Über because we were running short on time. It was definitely worth the visit, does make you pose loads of questions.

Roam Tavira Portugal

Venture to Santa Luzia

Santa Luzia is part of Tavira and considered the capital of octopus, and is located 10 minutes drive from Tavira train station. The beach is absolutely gorgeous and the winter sun added another layer of glamour to the area.

Tavira Islands

Located of the south of Tavira town, Tavira Island is 11 metres long and offers the best beaches in Algarve. The island is one of the few beaches where Naturism is legal and bird watches can spend quality time.

Taste the Food

We visited at an unfortunate time when most restaurants were closed and didn’t get to sample the octopus. Tavira being a seaside town is not short of seafood and most of its local delicacies are either tuna or octopus.

Roam Tavira Portugal

Stumble Upon Church of São Francisco

During our walk from the train station to the old town, we stumbled upon the Church of São Francisco, it’s a beautiful church. Like most of Algarve, the church was destroyed by the many earthquakes but was rebuilt.

Tavira is definitely a gorgeous town and worth a visit, if not to explore it then to sunbathe at its gorgeous sandy beaches.

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