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Salzburg in Autumn can be pretty cold but I think it just adds to the magic of Mozart City. Because of the cooler weather during Autumn, you will be more inclined to visit indoor attractions like museums. Because of Mozart and the Sound of Music, the city is very popular, especially around Spring and Summer.

Visiting Salzburg in Autumn is better in that there are fewer crowds to muddle through and can explore the city at a relaxed pace. Though the weather at times can be quite cold, Salzburg in Autumn is such a beaut. I had such an incredible time exploring parts of the city with a guide arranged by Salzburg Tourism.

In this article, I aim to highlight places of interest when visiting Salzburg in Autumn. Most of the locations mentioned in this article are those that I explored personally and would recommend highly. Salzburg is Austria’s charming city and it’s easy to see why a city with mountains.

Salzburg in Autumn|15 Things to do

Most of the major city attractions in Salzburg are located in the ‘old town’ of the city. The old town is a very walkable part of the city surround by a lot of natural beauty. Whilst the city of Salzburg is small in comparison to other European cities, it can hold its own. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in history, heritage, scenic landscape and musicians. 

When visiting Salzburg, I highly recommend getting yourself a Salzburg Card – your ticket to the city. Not only do you get free public transportation but free or discounted entry to various city attractions. Purchasing a city card is the most efficient way to explore the city and save money at the same time. 

Festung Hohensalzburg 

Nestled high on the hill, the fortress is the emblem of the city and was built in 1077. The castle can be reached on foot or via the funicular and is the biggest fully preserved castle in Central Europe. Plus it offers some of the best views of the city and a dose of fresh air.

Nonnberg Abbey 

The oldest continuously existing nunnery in the German-speaking world and inspiration for The Sound of Music. Novice Maria who worked at the Abbey was sent to the Von Trapp family as a governess. In real life, she married Georg and had kids of her own as well as the Von Trapp children. 

St. Peter’s Abbey 

Founded in the 7th-century by Frankish missionary Rupert, the abbey has been the ‘spiritual heart’ of the city. The Abbey has featured in the Sound of Music movie scene and it is a former cathedral. 

Bürgerwehr Mönchsberg 

A mountain in the centre of Salzburg’s old town. It is named after monks from a nearby abbey and is very popular with the locals and tourists. Museum der Moderne and Restaurant M32 are popular attractions at Mönchsberg.

Hellbrunn Palace 

Built between 1612 and 1615 and commissioned by Prince-Archbishop as a summer residence. It is a popular tourist destination during the summer and unfortunately has no rooms.

Museum der Moderne Salzburg 

Museum of Modern Art and officially opened in 2004. It is perched up on the high above the rooftops of Salzburg’s Old City on Mönchsberg. International art treasures from the 20th and 21st centuries are presented in a stylish setting.

The Complete Salzburg Guide

Salzburg Museum 

Located near Mozartplatz and next door to Salzburg Cathedral. It is a museum that has won numerous awards and currently showcasing Silent Night. It is commemorating the 200th anniversary of the famous Christmas carol. The exhibition will be on display between 29th September thru to 2nd February 2019.

Panorama Museum 

The 200-year-old history of Salzburg is captured on the gigantic round painting (26-meter circumference. Panorama museum is connected to Salzburg museum via an underground passage. It’s worth purchasing a combined ticket with Salzburg Museum, Panorama Museum is a 360 history of Salzburg. 

Mozart’s Birthplace 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on the 27th of January 1756 and was the 7th child. Of the 7 children, only Mozart and his older sister survived and live on the third floor. Today Mozart’s Birthplace is a museum showcasing the early life of the composer. It is located at 9 Getreidegasse in Salzburg, Austria in the Old Town. 

Mozart Residence 

In 1733, the Mozart family moved from 9 Getreidegasse to the Dance Master’s House. Because the old how was no longer spacious for the Mozart family to host gatherings. This residence is now a museum and located on Mirabellplatz next to the Mirabel Gardens and near the Do-Re-Mi steps.

Mirabell Palace & Gardens

Built-in 1606 by prince-archbishop Wolf Dietrich, the Mirabel Palace and Gardens are famous for being featured in the Sound of Music movie. Today the gardens and Palace make for a great backdrop for weddings. Situated just a short walk from the Mozart Statue at Mozartplatz.

Love Lock Bridge 

Like most cities in Europe, Salzburg also has its own Love lock bridge connecting DomQuartier to Mirabellplatz. I love all the myths and legends associate with love lock bridges and this doesn’t disappoint. It’s defintiely worth a visit as it connnects you to two incredible areas in Sazlburg.

Salzburg Cathedral 

Dom zu Salzburg is dedicated to Saint Rupert (saint of the city) and Saint Virgil from Ireland. The cathedral is the most sacred and important building in the city and adds to the impressive city skyline. Though the cathedral has had three misfortunes of being destroyed by fires, each reconstruction is better than before. The very first cathedral was built in 767 and consecrated to Saints Peter and Rupert in 774. 

Cathedral Excavations 

The Cathedral Excavation Museum is part of the Salzburg Museum and located underneath the Cathedral and Residenzplatz Squares. Underneath the cathedral is excavations showing remains of a Roman Villa. In the museum, you can also see relics from private homes and various architectural elements.


Considered a unique cultural highlight of the city encompassing the residence and the cathedral. Prince-archbishop Guidobald Graf von built the cathedral arches, the Residenz and Cathedral Squares including the Long Gallery. This architectural complex was once the centre of power and today with one ticket allows you to visit 5 museums in Salzburg. 

Salzburg is such an incredible city and one that should be on everyone’s bucketlist. Because not only do you get to explore the Fortress, you can even climb a mountain. What other city that you know of has a mountain in the within the city? But then again, mountains are not for everyone so they offer you music, culture and food.

Read the original post here authored by Miranda Malanga. You can visit her blog here.

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