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I have always had a love for flowers, ever since I was younger. I guess that stems from my nan being a massive lover of her garden and also my dad. Growing up I used to love picking the flowers from their garden and handing them to my mum. Dad probably taught me that as he was forever buying her bouquets. Secretly I wished that when I grew up that I would also be given flowers from my other half. Reality hit and that wasn’t the case!

I am a sucker for buying a bunch of flowers when doing my weekly shop but they don’t usually last that long and then I have to replace them. I also order flowers for family members on special occasions but flowers don’t come cheap so I really make sure that I am getting the best possible quality I can within my budget.

Recently, I discovered that Home Bargains have an online flower store. Like many online florists they have different bouquets for different occasions ranging in price.

Home bargains have a wide range of high quality bouquets at affordable prices. I was lucky enough to be sent some to review and honestly there is no way of telling that they are from Home Bargains, they came in a box with no Home Bargains logo and honestly, you could send them as gifts to loved ones and they wouldn’t be any of the wiser. the quality is superb.

Flower Delivery Parcel

They Arrived in a  big box which was in immaculate condition.

Flowers and A vase

The flowers came stunningly wrapped and with a vase! Now, if you are anything like me, whenever someone brings you flowers you

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