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I wanted to share via reblog this great and simple recipe from for Schezwan sauce!
If you are anything like me in the kitchen, gorgeous food just seems out of reach. So I look for seemingly complex recipes that have been shared in such a way that it almost seems possible for us commoners to make and beg their writers to allow me to share them. I can’t wait to try this recipe!
Thank you, Sheed for allowing me to share this!

sheed’s kitchen

Chinese food had become very popular in India. We not only go to bigger restaurants to eat, people even have stalls on the street side and it is consumed as fast food too. Well, well, I don’t just love to eat Chinese food but I love cooking them too. Some of the best sauces in Chinese cooking is Schezwan Sauce.

I have made my own Schezwan Sauce and trust me, it’s better than the bottled one we buy from stores.

It’s a spicy, no it’s very spicy sauce made with dry red chilies. Just add any non veg or paneer to it and make your Schezwan dish.

Recipe Ingredients

30/40 Dry red chilies (soaked in water)

4 tbsp chopped ginger

4 tbsp chopped garlic

2 tbsp refined oil for grinding

4 tbsp refined oil for cooking the sauce

1 TSP salt

2 tbsp soya sauce

4 tbsp White Vinegar


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