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When it comes to Setting Achievable Goals, it is all about personal discipline and following simple ways. Over the last 5 years, I have written monthly goals which have allowed me to progress in life. Personal discipline is one skill that is required when Setting Achievable Goals. Without it, you are more likely to fail and it is one of the reasons, New Year Resolutions never work.

As we start the New Year, I started to think about setting goals and not just any goals, Achievable Goals. Contrary to common believe, there are a few sets of rules one should follow to achieve all their goals. The rules are simple yet for personal growth, it is important to have personal discipline.

Setting Achievable Goals

In this article, our aim is to share 11 simple ways to set Achievable Goals in 2019. In order to tick off all the goals you have set for 2019, each step has to be followed to the letter.

How-to Set Achievable Goals in 2019

Setting Achievable Goals is easy but adhering to them throughout the year is another matter. I have personally struggled with setting resolutions rather prefer to set monthly goals. Over the last few years I have instilled in me personal discipline and the following tips are what helped me.

  1. Be Specific and have a clear goal in mind
  2. Make sure to write down a list of tasks that need to be done
  3. Set timelines for each task
  4. Prioritise the tasks according to work load
  5. Set deadlines for each task
  6. Be realistic
  7. Set up a reward system
  8. Break the tasks down into sections
  9. Be accountable only to yourself
  10. Turn goals into habits
  11. Review them regularly

Be As Specific As Possible

Most people when they set goals, they are often vague and non-specific. Instead of saying, I want to start earning money from the blog, say, I want to earn £50 in the first week of January. This is more specific and is as clear as possible therefore you know the target.

Write it All Down

In order to attain your goals, you will need them to be written somewhere. I am a to-do list orientated person and love nothing more than writing down all the goals and various tasks. Make sure to have them somewhere visible and can be seen daily.

Set Timelines

Another thing I love about writing down goals is being able to set timelines for each. Often when I am working from home, I set a phone timer for each time. Don’t forget to allocate time to rest as well, it is nice to work towards goals but ‘down-time’ is necessary and essential.

Prioritise and Be Flexible

In order to be able to achieve goals, you need to be able to set prioritises and be flexible. When I have several deadlines falling no same days, I often start with the easiest ones. Then on days when I barely have deadlines, I prioritise according to the work load. It is important to always have room to be flexible and manage any urgent tasks first.

Set Deadlines

Just as timelines are important, deadlines are even more so, they allow you to prioritise. I always have a clear goal in mind of when I want to accomplish a certain task.

Aim Higher not Lower

sOften when we set goals, we set lower than higher, I always try to be realistic but still set my goals higher. The worst thing that can happen if you set lower goals and actually meet them instead of achieving more.

Set-up a Reward System

A reward system requires a lot of personal discipline to only reward yourself once a goal is achieved. It is easy to reward yourself even after ‘almost’ achieving your goal, almost doesn’t cut it. Only reward yourself once you’ve completed or achieved a goal that you set.

Breakdown Tasks

When goals are set, sometimes it is necessary to break them down into small portions. An example I gave earlier is ‘I want to start earning money from the blog, say, I want to earn £50 in the first week of January.’ Let’s break it down ‘earning money from the blog’ and ‘earn £50 in the first week of January’. The first part requires you learn ways to earn money and the second part requires you pursue those avenues and earn the £50.

Be Accountable

We live in a technologically advanced world and we love to share our thoughts online. Regardless, any goals that are set should be the accountability of the owner. Yes various other people might be involved but overall, we should be accountable to ourselves.

Turn Goals into Habits

Depending on your goals, you there are several tips that you can utilise to make it a habits. It is often said, it takes about 2 weeks of continuous action to become a habit. How many of your specific goals would you want to become a habit in your life? I often believe starting small is always the key to creating a lasting habit.

Review Goals Regularly

I am a strong believer in taking a moment to review and recap previous goals. This allows for an opportunity to re-think, re-plan, re-strategise and have a more clear focus. Whenever I do not accomplish a goal, I always take time to assess what went wrong. For the goals I accomplished, I evaluate what worked and how to capitalise on that.

Setting Achievable Goals

2019 Goals on A July Dreamer

Now that I have shared how I got about Setting Achievable Goals, here is a list of our 2019 goals. Following the guidelines in the article, the goals below are specific, realistic, have deadlines and times and will be reviewed every quarter.

  1. Earn £500 a month on this blog
  2. Save 50% of the monthly earnings from this blog
  3. Run everyday for 20 minutes
  4. Stretch every morning before work for 15 minutes
  5. Continue to attend yoga classes every other day weekly.
  6. Travel once a month within the UK
  7. Travel abroad at least once every quarter
  8. Drink 8 ounces of water daily
  9. Stop drinking fizz drinks
  10. Create a weekly meal plan
  11. Continue to declutter every 6-weeks
  12. Do a social media detox
  13. Follow a monthly budget

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