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With Christmas not far away and the Black Friday sales coming up, now is a good time to be thinking about present buying. Most of the large, specialist gift retailers, like Getting Personal already have their full range in stock. So, if you shop now you will get the best level of choice.

It is particularly important to get the buying of the important presents done early. You do not want something to go wrong and end up with nothing to give your Nan. To reduce the chances of that happening, I have come up with 7 unique gifts that you could easily buy her now.

7 unique gifts

Personalised gifts

Most Nans love to put the present that they receive from their grandchildren on display. Even something simple like an engraved photo frame or a piece of jewellery with a loving message on it will be cherished. Virtually anything can be personalised either by being engraved or having something unique printed onto it.

Tickets to a show

The one thing any Nan is sure to love is the chance to spend more time with you. Buying her tickets to a show is a great way to give her a treat. Purchasing one for yourself, at the same time, ensures that she will be able to get there and back without any hassle or expense.

7 unique gifts

An experience day

If your Nan tends to end up staying at home more than she would like, consider buying her an experience day out. Or, maybe send her to a cooking or craft class. The older you get, the easier it is to become lonely. So, a gift that gets her out and about is an especially good idea. 

Better access to transport

It could be something really simple like paying for a taxi in advance, so she can go and try out with her local choir. If your Nan is already a bit of a wanderer, why not buy her a railcard? Or, if she still drives, pay for her MOT or make a contribution towards the cost of insurance. The easier you make it for her to travel the better it will be for her.

Fashion gifts

If your Nan loves fashion, a gift voucher for her favouritestore is sure to be well- received. Or, better still, offer to take her shopping one morning and treat her to a new dress or coat.

7 unique gifts


Anything that is related to the interests and hobbies your Nan has issued to please her. Next time she talks to you about these things pay attention. When you do the chances are you will be able to come up with a great, highly personalised gift for her.

Something luxurious

In all likelihood your Nan is careful with her pennies. The older generation tendsto be more frugal, which means that they rarely buy luxury items for themselves. This is the case even if they can afford to do so. They feel compelled to save. 

So, why not buy your Nan a cashmere sweater, a silk blouse, a nice handbag or a box of luxury chocolates? Or, better still make them something special, like a box of handmade chocolates. You can find plenty of recipes online.


Read the original post here authored by Miranda Malanga. You can visit her blog here.

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