Shakespeare’s Globe is a theatre dedicated to Shakespeare’s work, founded by William Wanamaker. Last month my sister and I had a lovely opportunity to tour the Globe and exhibition. I shared my experience of the Globe, today I gave my sister a chance to give you her thoughts.

I’m someone who’s only ever studied Shakespeare in school and watched Romeo and Juliet. But I found the tour to be quite educational, fun and interactive. The tour guy, took us around each part of of the hall and explained how part of the building was made of a hay roof, walls made of mud and goat hair. Sounds disgusting right? But it’s true. And impressive really.

To think how man has advanced from mud and goat hair to glass etc. The location as to where the globe was, played a significant role in the tour. The building lies by the river bank in London, (approximately 5-10 mins walk from London Bridge station). In the dark ages entertainment of this nature was banned all around the city of London. Including gaming and anything that involved people going off on a razz (stupidly drunk).

The forbidden!!

People used to cross the bridge to come and enjoy entertainment of this kind as London bridge wasn’t considered London. The tour progressed with us getting a tour of inside the theatre, sitting on benches. There were 3 levels of seating not including the private seating and the main stage.

The guide explained that where you sat in those days informed others of your status. Though some of the seats in the cabins or private room didn’t even offer greats views. I imagine back in the day it was more about being seen than seeing (?!?) There was a little seating areas on the main stage itself, however this meant that the actors would have their backs to you. We walked our way from the benches to the standing area getting different views from different angles in the theatre.

Our guide explained that back in the day those who couldn’t afford to buy

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