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Shopping Haul-Poundland, Next, Garden centre.

Heyyy everyone, happy Saturday!
Hope you have all had a lovely week and are now enjoying your weekend! I am back with a shopping haul blog post, I have never done one of these before! This is definitely something I want to do more of… Because obviously I love shopping and treating myself! What girl doesn’t… This haul I wouldn’t say I exactly treated myself ha, I just got the essentials for the month and some bits and pieces.  I did treat myself to a new planner and a couple of plants though!

Who knew I would call a plant a treat! As I was walking around the garden centre I realised how old I've gotten! I use to HATE the garden centre, my mum use to always go there with my nan and I would get dragged along to. I use to think why are they staring at a plant so long!!! I now realise how annoying I obviously was. But I make up for it now because me and my mum went the other day and it was so peaceful and relaxing. I now can say I LOVE going to the garden centre. I did wonder at one point if I am actually an adult, until this moment I then realised I have became an adult.

Next time I go back I am getting all the cactus's. Out of the garden centre I got the ivy for only £1.99.

How relaxing is this sound.

The ivy, colouring pencil and bracelet are from the garden centre and next. Everything else is from the pound shop! How nice is this lantern, it is only £2! I got one for my friend as well. Also if you haven't tried the purple shampoo, you need to! Obvs if you have blonde hair. I have blonde on the bottom of my hair and it has helped my hair, even after just one wash! I felt it as soon as I put it on my hair.

Hope you love shopping hauls as much as me.

Have an amazing weekend! 

Love Kirsty x

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