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Using Magento as a platform for your e-commerce, you might have discovered that its basic setup doesn’t satisfy 100% of your needs.

It’s only a basic version of a platform, which cannot preview all possible business solutions and needs. So, the necessary tools and options should be added manually. The Web and Magento Connect store offer social marketing and automation tools, better-caching systems, conversion optimizers, email management, currency/shipping conversions and much more.

It might be a challenge to select the right solutions and to add them.

To make this task easier, I’ll share this shortlist of 11 useful extensions for your store. They don’t take much time to be installed. You may find a good solution you have been looking for, or find something new and useful you had not even been thinking about.

The plugins are not listed in descending or ascending order: there is no ranking, as these are plugins for different purposes.

MatrixRate – by WebShopApps – Free to install

If running an e-commerce store is a new business for you, one of the most urgent issues is to organise shipping control. Shipping costs may vary, which makes the task more complicated. For example, a small item delivered to the remote part of the country may cost much more than the whole set of these items delivered to the address nest door to the stock.

How the Matrixrate can help? It calculates shipping cost taking into account such parameters as weight, quantity, location and other details of the order.

Olark – practical chat box for customer support

Olark deals with support. It can help to organise a live conversation with your customers via a chat box. It is not unique chat box software but is one of the best. When in conversation, you may look up what the person is doing or did, as Olark provides a record. So you may spend less time asking questions and offer a better service.

Note: Olark is compatible well with Zendesk.


As its name suggests, TriggMine provides triggered messaging solution set. Its target is to turn your ordinary customers into regular ones. For this purpose, it offers such options as welcome emails, up-selling and cross-selling and many other tools to win your customers back or not to lose them.

It does for you a useful job of customer behaviour analysis on your website. It may, for example, analyse the total income from purchasers who came from triggered messages. With TriggMine, you get your own marketing professional.

It is easy to use and takes just a few steps to start.

Magento-Wordpress Integration – by FishPig – For Free

WordPress pages are familiar for us to see and to handle, as they are everywhere. You may have avoided this framework, however, when choosing your e-commerce platform. Here you can get the best of it integrating WordPress into Magento online store with a help of Fishpig plugin.

Note: you might have seen the Yoast extension for WordPress and might have wanted to find one for Magento. There used to be such extension, but Yoast’s SEO WordPress extension is compatible with Fishpig’s WordPress integration.


This extension is used for A/B tests for exact tracking of areas/metrics they’re focused on. The basic setup is enough to get it work. Its visual editor is drag-and-drop – just that simple.

Optimizely not only tests pages but also can deploy a temporary page copy while a permanent one is on its way to being established.

This extension really makes things simpler: before, you needed custom coding for running advanced targeting tests. If you have already worked with Optimizely, you’ll find this extension absolutely splendid.

Blog – by aheadWorks – For Free

A blog can be a useful additional feature of your online store. Here is the most popular blog setup for Magento store. It is simple and free to use. What is more, it is also offering constantly the updates and maintenance (for free, too).

Yotpo – For Free

There are many good reasons and ways to have a reviews system, such as email-based review requests. It increases purchase confidence and helps to better manage your content.

In Yotpo everything you’re looking for in a review system is gathered. What is more, it has even some little tricks you wouldn’t have thought of. Yotpo is focused on making your reviews be doing the best for your e-commerce.

A good feature is the option to filter the reviews out. Naturally, it doesn’t mean hiding the reviews we don’t like – it is about filtering the useless and pointless reviews posted randomly on our websites.

Fooman Google Analytics – For Free

Fooman enables your Google analytics to go deeper. It covers your Adwords conversions and purchases. Briefly, it provides you more information helping you to get more accurate analysis. It also has an option of filtering by the customer.

Layered Navigation – by Aitoc

This navigation extension enables new drop downs, filters and breadcrumb displays. What is it all for? It helps your customer to navigate your site more efficiently.

It is vitally important to make this navigation as comfortable as possible.

Numerous tips for SEO masters state that if a customer gets lost, we get a lost customer. To avoid this mistake, we must make the internal search and navigation as logical as possible.


To be profitable, your online store must be fast to load. Nitrogento helps to shorten load time by customising proper caching setup. It is not for free, and to be honest, this extension is quite costly. Nevertheless, the high price is justified.

BONUS TIP: AddShoppers – For Free

This application is highly recommended for those looking forward to boosting incomes with clever influencer marketing.

If you have already social networks buttons on your website, switch to AddShoppers. It will enable you to define your top influencers, increase social sharing, conversion rate and referral sales.

I hope, you’ve found something useful for you in this shortlist. Good luck for you and your business!

Guest post by:

Kristina Pototska is an Evangelist at TriggMine, email marketing automation service.

 She is great when it comes to email marketing tips & increasing conversions.


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