Last weekend my sister and I had the pleasure of tasting out Mango Tree Restaurant‘s menu in Harrods London. Whilst I have been to Harrods many times I had never tried Mango Tree before nor Thai food for that matter. This was a great opportunity for both my sister and I to try Thai food and also bond. I feel it was important for my sister to share her thoughts and experience at Mango Tree Restaurant. I will be sharing a full and thorough review of our thoughts about the restaurant and the food. With mine input {grammatical error corrections} here is my sister’s Mango Tree Experience in her own words.

As someone who’s never tried Thai food. I found the menu very easy to understand and full of variety . My sister and I tried the dim sum. I’ve heard of the word dim sum but I’ve never tried it. Dim sum is basically a small bowl of tiny parcels, filled with either sea food or meat. Very, very delicious. I dipped my parcels in hot sauce or sweet chili sauce and I thoroughly enjoyed this process.

Starter or was it first dish??

The first platter that we had, had 7 pieces of heaven and came with a soup which had more parcels in them of chicken or prawns! It was delicious, I am salivating just thinking back to our lunch. As this was my first time, I had water as a chosen drink to wash the food down. I thought this was a wise decision because I didn’t want anything to alter the flavours and I’d occasionally sip some soup every now and then.

Then we had a fried platter, which was just another plate of deliciousness! This one had duck & cucumber, chicken, prawn spring rolls and golden phoenix. This platter was divine! I couldn’t believe it! Why have I never tried Thai food before! At this point we’d then got some wine, {well I did}. My sister chose to have a hibiscus cocktail and I stuck to my Pinot, red of course!

Main or third dish!!!

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