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Another day, another Lenses Review … you all know I just love wearing contacts. so, Today I will be sharing my experience and opinion on the Solotica Natural Colors Crystal contact lenses!

I have had tried so many of the Korean and Japanese lenses in past and after having a great experience with Desio and Adore Crystal Lenses, I wanted to try lenses that would give me a super natural looking color without an obvious pattern or enlarging effect. Especially ones that will provide lighter colors for black eyes. and I decided Solotica would be my best bet!
Solotica Hidrocor doesn’t have a limbal ring and is therefore extremely natural looking. Their opacity is high enough to cover the iris fully and to completely change the eye color.

Material: 62% Polymacon
Hydration: 38%
Diameter: 14.2 mm
Base curve: 8.7
COLOR :SOLOTICA HIDROCOR – AVELA is a shade from the brown family.
It comes in a very simple blue and white cardboard packaging and Inside that transparent glass bottle containing lenses and includes a very basic lens case with the name of brand embossed on one of the caps.

The Avela color I got is from the brown lines and is the darkest shade of brown to give Hazel eye effect on dark colored eyes.

The shade Avela is from the Hidrocor line Since I had no issue of the Prescription. they do have the natural colors line that provides prescription powers. The hydrocolor line is lovely but unfortunately, does not offer a prescription.

On their own, the lenses don’t appear very opaque, giving the impression that they will not be able to cover black eyes, as I just could not see the lenses from the bottle. However, on the eyes, the lenses are very opaque and cover my dark iris perfectly!

I have heard Solotica Lenses are very thick Compared to the other brand I’ve tried in the past. But I find them quite breathable and not thick. As its mostly compared with Adore Lenses, I do not find the huge difference of Diameter and Base Curve. If you

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