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Sopot is a small seaside town also known as ‘Polish Riviera’ which occupies a small stretch on the Baltic Sea. Who knew that Poland had white sandy beach lounging around its Baltic coast? Sopot Poland in one of the three metropolitan areas that make up the Tri-City.

One of the most popular attractions in Sopot is the Crooked House,  a peculiar piece of art. The town of Sopot is small but its known for health spas, long wooden pier and sandy beaches. Sopot Poland sits between Gdynia and Gdansk, a perfect location for a day trip to Gdansk or Gdynia.

Sopot Poland

During my three-day visit to Gdansk, I made a day trip to Sopot and it was the best decision ever. Whilst the town is small, there a few attractions that are worth a visit especially since transport is so cheap. 

How-to Get to Sopot from Gdansk

Sopot is located 10-15 minutes train ride North of Gdansk and is very accessible with tickets costing 4.20zl (80p or $1). You can grab the SKM train from Gdansk main railway station. Tickets can be purchased from the ticket machines at the station, they are easy to operate and has language options.

During my visit the weather was extremely cold and did not fancy walking 20 minutes to the station. I chose to use Uber to travel from Gdansk to Sopot and it cost £6 which is very affordable. 

For those traveling from Sopot to Gdynia and vice versa, the train costs less than £1 too. The journey takes about 8-10 minutes via the SKM commuter train from Sopot main station. For other tourist information, the Tourism information office is located next to the train station.

Things To Do in Sopot Poland

Autumn is well and truly over, even when I visited Gdansk and Sopot at the end of November. The weather was extremely cold and if I didn’t know any better, I would have mistaken it for winter. Even though Sopot is small seaside town, it has a few attractions that are worth a visit.

Sopot Poland

The Crooked House

Krzywy Domek or Crooked House was built back in 2004 thanks to Szotyńscy & Zaleski, the designers. It is a fairytale inspired building and is part of the Rezydent shopping centre. It is an unusual building in the heart of Sopot and can be accessed from either Monte Cassino or Morska Streets.

Sopot Poland

The Old Light House

The old light house building was built in 1904 but frankly speaking, its such an unusual location for a light house. For those looking for aerial views of the city, the old light out is the place to be. It is open to the public unfortunately there isn’t much to see inside apart from ascending the 25 stairs.

Sopot Poland Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street

Monte Cassino

Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street is the main street in the town filled with shops, restaurants, pubs and cafes. The entire street is pedestrian only zone and runs from the train station through to the seafront and pier. 

Sopot Poland
Sopot Poland

Sopot Pier

The Sopot pier was opened in 1872 and is the longest wooden pleasure pier in Europe. Whilst the weather was absolutely freezing, it did not stop the residents from taking a stroll. The pier stretches into the sea and on either side giving the best view across the Baltic Sea.

Sopot Poland

Oliwa Cathedral

The cathedral was founded in 1186 and has undergone a lot of changes from Romanesque to Gothic to Baroque. What is impressive about the cathedral is the size of it and the Oliwa world famous organs. The arch-cathedral is dedicated to The Holy Trinity, Blessed Virgin Mary and St Bernard.

Sopot Poland

Park Oliwski

The city park of Oliwski is located about 20 minutes walk from Gdansk Oliwa station. It is worth touring the park on your way to see the Oliwa Cathedral regardless of the weather. Whilst some of the ponds in the park were frozen, it just added to the magic of Christmas.

Sopot being small means you can walk the length of the town without relying on public transport. Compared to other towns in Poland, Sopot is thought to be more on the expensive side.

Trains are available all day between Gdansk and Gdynia but note the train system works a little different. Each train has a set time table and you’re required to validate your ticket before boarding the train.

Sopot is a small seaside town also known as 'Polish Riviera' which occupies a small stretch on the Baltic Sea. Who knew that Poland had white sandy beach lounging around its Baltic coast? Sopot Poland in one of the three metropolitan areas that make up the Tri-City.

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