Whether you are a blogger, Instagram addict or Facebook pro, I’d love you to take part in my 30 day challenge.

It’s simple to get involved… simply write a blog, take a photo, update your Facebook page or even do a live broadcast based on the theme or idea from the day.  

When you share on social media make sure you add the hashtag #SEND30DayChallenge to allow other challengers to see your take on the theme!  

Although this is a 30 day challenge it does not have to be done over 30 consecutive days!  We are all busy people, so just fit them in as and when you can.  I would suggest you do them in order though just so you know where you are!

Share this image on your social media to let people know you are getting involved and to encourage others to take part too.. (don’t forget to add #SEND30DayChallenge)

  • Meaning behind blog name – this one is self explanatory!


  • 10 Things you don’t know about X:

    Replace the X with anything.. eg 10 things you don’t know about cerebral palsy, 10 things you don’t know about autism, 10 things you don’t know about being a special needs parent, 10 things you dont know about wheelchair accessible vehicles.. this one is open to your own interpretation entirely! 


  • Child’s favourite book – another one which is self explanatory!


  •  Proudest moment – as a parent, as a campaigner, as a blogger.. up to you!


  •   Favourite photo – pic a photo and write about it!  


  •  A letter to the PM – if you could write to her and know she would read it.. what would you say to Teresa May?


  •  5 things I’d change – about anything… could be diagnosis day, the law, your life etc etc

  •  What’s in your “go bag” – the bag you take out with you when your disabled child is with you.. what are your essentials to take with you?


  •   Not just a mum / carer – a bit more about YOU!


  • My favourite blogger(s) – share links to your favourite people to follow, write about why you follow them etc, tag them on social media too!


  • The future – what does it look like? what scares you? what are you excited about?  This can be a post about anything related to the future.


  • Statistics – pic a statistic and share it, write about how it impacts your life, or maybe write about how you don’t fit into statistics.


  • All about access / inclusion – this can be anything related to access or lack of!   


  • A letter to my past self – what would you tell yourself if you could go back in time?


  • If I won the lottery – what would you do / change if you won a LOT of money?


  • My child’s favourite toy – self explanatory!


  • Milestones or memories – mark a special milestone or share a memory 


  • A day in the life – what does your life look like?


  • Education – this can be anything to do with education, be it good or bad!


  • Happiness – I’ve deliberately left this one vague so you can write about anything positive


  • The cost of having a disabled child – whether it is a financial cost or an emotional cost


  • I couldn’t live without – this could be a product, a family member, friend, your child etc etc


  • Our best day day – might be about a day out, a special occasion etc 


  • The 1 thing I’d change on diagnosis day – you don’t have to limit yourself to one thing!


  • I wish you knew – something you wish someone else knew about you, your child, life, or anything


  • If I was prime minister – what would you do if you were in number 10


  • Favourite songs – Self explanatory 


  • Summer – This can be anything to do with the summer season, from summer clothes to summer holidays!


  • Epic Fail – could be yours or something someone or somewhere has got wrong


  • Awareness – you could interpret this in many ways including to raise awareness of an issue, condition or charity that’s important to you.

  • * If you have old content which would fit into any of these themes then you could consider sharing that instead if you don’t have time to write something new.*

    I can’t wait to see how you all interpret these themes!  Looking forward to reading all your blogs, seeing your photos etc!

    Read the full original post here authored by  . You can visit her blog here.

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