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Keto Kids (4)Staying Keto at working can be difficult.

Whatever your employment is, there are always going to be people around you who don’t have the same mindset when it comes to food and nutrition.  All around you are people snacking, grazing, drinking calories mindlessly.  The stereotypical “everything in moderation” is a sure fire way of making sure your body craves junk constantly.  The scent of food that you once indulged in and enjoyed begins a negative cognitive cycle in your head that makes you believe that is what you need.Mars

About 6 months ago I was having a conversation with a colleague on a night shift about food and we ended up driving to the nearest 24 hr McDonald’s to get our fix.   It’s sad to think that is a common response to just thinking about food.   Food is advertised everywhere! The food industries approach to advertising is really emotive! Buy your kids a happy meal and you will have amazing family memories and kids that are happy for the rest of the week! A Mars a day helps you work rest and play. Drink Red Bull and have a super productive day… Lets be honest we all know these aren’t true and the food industry is playing us to buy their products through emotive imagery.

In my job, it can be difficult not to fall into old habits.  I work long hours, sporadic shifts and I’m out and about for 95% of my shifts. When it’s 4 am your food options are limited and it’s easy to get a takeaway from anywhere that’s open  It’s so frustrating that there are very few convenience foods that hold any kind of nutritional value.

I know that when I fuel my body with what it needs  (primarily when i’m on rest days and I’m at home and Nell keeps me right), I’m not hungry, I don’t crave, I’m more focused and I don’t have a midday energy crash.

Interestingly, today, a colleague of mine said the following;

“I’m feeling so tired today (it was about 2 pm), I just know its because I’ve eaten the wrong things today”. 

Indeed he had, he had some bread rolls for breakfast and high carb loaded food for his lunch.  My colleague has recently started to follow a low carb, high fat diet similar to

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