For too long now I’ve been one of those people will let doubts get in the way of the possibility of something good happening. Who knows what opportunities will bring until you’ve tried them out? Even though I am very much a positive person, I still struggle to come to terms with believing that I can do it… or at least I know that I can try.

Now it might be the Sweet Soul Sunday playlist motivating me to write this post but we all get our motivation from somewhere. When I hear that beat in the music that boosts your mood I instantly become a person who starts to believe. No matter what I think of a situation beforehand, I need to stop being afraid, say yes, and actually go ahead and do what I can do.

Rather than saying ‘I don’t think it’ll go anywhere’ I need to start saying ‘I’m doing this to see if it leads anywhere.’ Taking chances doesn’t mean things will always work out the way you hope them to. However, it does mean that you’re being courageous to see where it can take you.

I have had a few surprising opportunities where I’ve been sat waiting in a room and looked at the people around me. I’ve seen pretty women, successful women, and professional women. Rather than say, they seem like they have more to offer, why not think, I can be just as successful in my own ways. Until you

Read the full original post here authored by Natasha Bolger. You can visit her blog here.

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