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Untitled design (2)I created this recipe when we had our first gorgeously hot day of the year and I said to my in-laws come over for a BBQ! I really didn’t think that one through properly and ended up rushing round trying to prep for this ad hock BBQ.

I ended up pulling all my ingredients out of the fridge in an attempt to make a desert that would win over any carb lover. The result… was this beyond epic strawberry cheesecake. The thing I really really love about this cheesecake is that it holds it’s shape really well so I was able to use the left overs for the kids school snacks.

Keto Summer Strawberry Cheesecake
Serves – 12

Prep – 20 minutes

Chilling time – 1hr minimum

Difficulty – Easy




Base –

190g – Ground Almonds

2 tbsp – sweetener (I used Natvia)

100g – unsalted butter

Filling –

1 packet – Hartleys sugar free strawberry jelly

1 tbsp – Natvia

125ml – Boiling water

300ml – double cream

200g – Cream Cheese (full fat)

100g – Strawberries (fresh or defrosted frozen)

Topping –

300g – Frozen strawberries

For your base melt butter in saucepan and add in Natvia. Take off the heat and stir in your ground almonds until combined evenly.

Line the base of a 20cm sprung cake tin with grease proof paper. Scrape out the contents of your saucepan into the tin and smooth to form your base. Put in the freezer until you have made your filling.

In a large mixing bowl pour your double cream and cream cheese, whisk until it begins to thicken.

In another large bowl add your jelly powder and natvia. Slowly pour in 125ml of freshly boiled water and stir continuously until powder has dissolved.

Pour your cream mixture into the bowl with the dissolved jelly and Natvia. Whisk to combine and then add in your 100g of strawberries. Whisk for a further minute or until the strawberries have broken up into juicy pieces throughout your filling.

Remove your base from the freezer and scoop your filling into the tin. Use a spatula to smooth and level the top of your cheesecake and put in the fridge while you make your topping.

The topping is super simple. In a bowl, use a hand blender to blend the frozen strawberries until you have a thick liquid. Alternatively you could use a traditional blender and blitz. Pour your frozen strawberry topping over your cheesecake and return to

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