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When I was offered the chance to review Sudocrem Care & Protect cream, I was intrigued. I’ve only used normal Sudocrem before and found it brilliant. It’s been around for over 80 years. In fact, my mum used it on my brother and I when we were babies and swore by it. I’d been using it for spots for years before I used it on Autumn’s nappy rash. Recently, she’s been teething and this seems to have made the nappy rash situation worse!

Just look at that poor little red bottom!

First impressions of Sudocrem Care & Protect

Our first impressions when squeezing the cream out of the tube were that the consistency of it is SO much different to normal Sudocrem! It is much smoother. This results in application being a lot easier, as it comes off of your fingers onto your baby’s bottom much better.

I’ve always found that regular Sudocrem is quite difficult to wash off as it sticks to the skin so well. So much so that I usually wipe it off of my fingers before washing my hands to save time and water! This will particularly be a lot more convenient for when I’m out and about with her a lot like I was the other week.

Concerns and thoughts

I was a little concerned about whether it was going to work as well as normal Sudocrem, given its consistency. When I put it to the test, it seemed as though it didn’t last as long on Autumn’s skin as normal Sudocrem. It soaks in a lot better, rather than sitting on top. Normally when I change her nappy the next time round, I can see traces of white cream but with this there is nothing to see. However, I think regular Sudocrem may be a little drying. This feels soft, smooth and as though it has moisturising qualities. It has vitamin E and Pro Vitamin B5 in it which backs this up and means that it will take care of Autumn’s delicate baby skin. It is hypoallergenic and doesn’t contain any artificial colours or preservatives,

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