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Continuing with our look at the new game releases from Drumond Park, we have Super Ski Jump. 2-4 players can compete against each other by sending their characters flying off the ramp to perform fancy jumps and twists to gain points.

Play over three rounds to determine the top scorers, who then compete in the “Jump Off” finale to become the Ultimate Super Skier! Your friends will be envious. Do you have the talents required?

super ski jump

Decal Placements

To assemble the jump, pull all the pieces out of the box and lay them out. There will be:

  • Take-off Ramp
  • Landing Ramp
  • Snowboard
  • Set Skis
  • Bath Tub
  • Sledge
  • 4 Figures
  • Decal Sheet
  • Score Cards
  • Distance Chart
  • Instruction Sheet

Grab the instruction sheet and decal sheet. Peel and stick the characters first as this is easiest. Then move on to the skiing objects, base, and ski jump.

Slope Assembly

super ski jump

Tip: Don’t attempt this without the instructions as you can place pieces the wrong way around. The fiddliest bit I found was the long piece of flexible plastic attached to the ramp right at the top of the slope. Thread this piece through the section beneath, which then pushes the ramp from flat to 45 degrees. This allows your character to ski away effortlessly.

Capturing Trick Jumps

[embedded content]

A smartphone is essential to get the most out of Super Ski Jump. Film your efforts by slowing the footage down to see what you achieved and share it with your friends! Who doesn’t love a replay when you’ve triple jumped, spun a full 360 and landed standing upright under the banner on skis for 1050 points?

Upload your videos to social media using the hashtag #superskijump and challenge others to beat your efforts.

Flipper Flinging

Adults and kids alike will find this game addictive. But be careful where your character lands. The flippers ability to fling is deceiving when you have to rescue a small bathtub out of your marine tank at the end of the night.

Super Ski Jump

For more information and stockists, visit

**Courtesy of Drumond Park. One lucky reader will receive a copy of Super Ski Jump (rrp £19.99) for themselves. Fill in your details below for a chance to win.

Super Ski Jump Giveaway

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