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We all enjoy looking back on our childhood, seeing something in a shop or on the tv that takes us straight back, or hearing to our parents and grandparents talk about their childhood and how different everything was then. I do it with my kids, they can not believe life with black and white televisions, or no mobile phones or computers.

I have found a great site called Sweet and Nostalgic who are an internet only company that sells a range of unique Retro Sweets Gift Packs, Traditional Sweets and Reproduction Memorabilia.

They offer Retro Sweet packs ranging from the 1940’s and each decade up to the 1990’s with new items being added all the time.  These are great for taking you back to your childhood and tasting your childhood all over again.

I have sat and looked through all of their sweets finding some of my favourites from when I was little including

  • Sweet Tobacco
  • Anglo Bubbly
  • Milk Bottles
  • White Mice
  • Lucky Bags
  • Multicoloured Sherbert
  • Sherbert Pips
  • Toffee Slabs

My list really could go on as I sit and keep remembering the sweets I used to love.

As well as retro sweets, they offer Vintage Advertising Signs with signs for any advertisement you can think of from your childhood.  These will make a great gift ideas and look great in kitchens and bathrooms.

Alongside the above, they also have a huge range of Retro gifts ranging from vintage kitchen storage tins, to memorabilia packs, newspapers and so much more.


Nostalgic Christmas Hamper with Memorabilia and Sweets

This Christmas Hamper will make a great present for anyone, full of sweets and gifts bringing the receiver memories of Christmas past.  The hamper includes

  • Playtime (1929) – A seasonal comic with features, riddles and cartoons
  • Season Ticket (1888) – A novelty message from a railway company
  • Images – Stocking filler of Christmas images and cards
  • Christmas Day TV (1973) – When we had only 3 channels to choose from
  • Grand Christmas Pantomime (1890) – A programme for Liverpool’s Empire festive show
  • Christmas Gifts (1950) – A cornucopia of presents from Chiesman’s of Lewisham
  • Pocket Keepsake (1892) – A fascinating Victorian book of Christmas Amusements including parlour games and tricks
  • Carols – No Christmas would be complete without Christmas Carols, the pamphlet includes all the favourites.
  • A sixpence
  • Plastic Kazoo
  • Toffee
  • Gold and Silver Coins
  • Cinnamon Balls
  • Clove Balls
  • Winter Mixture
  • Christmas Mix
  • 4 Candy Canes
  • nostalgic Christmas CD

I am also able to offer one of my lucky readers their chance to win this hamper full of goodies, please see below on how to enter

Nostalgic Christmas Hamper with Memorabilia and Sweets

Good luck


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