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Taffy Mail American Candy Subscription Box. Subscription boxes are notorious for giving you a wide variety of choice but more often than not they don't represent value for money. Taffy Mail however... #taffymail #laffytaffy #americancandy #subscriptionbox

I love subscription boxes. There was a whole category dedicated to them on this site, and as much as I think they’re amazing, sometimes I believe they don’t hold the most significant value for money.

A variety of subscription boxes plays on the uniqueness of the product, and that’s fine, but I want a box with full-size products that is quite a hefty weight. Only then will you have value for money. I know it’s quality over quantity, but I get so fed up opening subscription boxes only to find promo or sample size products that bare no value.

However, I think I’ve found the one that bucks the trend, and it’s been around for so long, yet I didn’t know they existed. How mad is that? Considering they have been trading since 2014, I’m genuinely surprised that I hadn’t discovered them up until now.

Snickers Jacko

They kindly offered me the October Extra Box to trial. I did a little research on them and looked at the previous boxes, but as I’ve experienced in the past, images can be deceiving. More often than not, when you receive a subscription box in real life, it can be a big disappointment. So I didn’t want to build my hopes up.

The box arrived in a couple of days, and it was heavy. My postman had to knock to deliver it rather than put it in our parcel pod because it was too big. Oh, joy!

Tell you what though. The girls and guys at Taffy Mail had filled the box to the brim. It was all brand names and cleverly themed for Halloween. I’m a little embarrassed to say that squealed like a stuck pig when I opened the box and saw how much was inside.

American Candy Corn

Here’s the rundown of the box contents:

Can of Pibb Extra (Coca Cola’s version of Dr Pepper)
Andy Capp Hot Fries
Sour Patch Kids Tricksters
Airheads Cherry
Brachs Candy Corn
TGI Fridays Jalapeno Poppers Snack Sticks
Laffy Taffy in Apple & Cherry
Gummy Burger
Candy Corn Blow Pop
White Candy Corn m&ms
Box of Boogers
Peeps Marshmallow Pumpkins
Twix Ghost
Snickers Jack ‘O’ Lantern
Mallo Cup
Act II Butter Popcorn
and a Skor Bar

18 items (the extra offers up to 20) and the majority in full-size. I think this box gives you such a great selection of things to try that it’s silly not to subscribe. And for £24.99 for this much stuff. Everything in the box is a well-known brand and screams Americana. Hell yeah!

Candy Corn Sweets

If you want to give the box a go yourself or set up a friend or family member to receive a box regularly each month, then get yourself over to Taffy Mail and buy a subscription.

Prices are very reasonable:

  • £7.49 for Lite, the taster box which has four or five items but is a great trial box
  • £14.99 for Classic, the original sized box which has around 10-12 goodies including a can of soda
  • £24.99 for Extra, the biggest and most popular box which boasts 12-14 regular treats, a can of soda and an extra premium product

The box gets sent out on the 15th of each month with deliveries arriving in the UK a couple of days later. Not a bad price to pay for a box that will give you a sugar rush and more importantly make you smile. What more could you ask for?

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