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Hey lovely people!

It’s been a while, and I feel as though my feet haven’t stopped moving for the last few weeks – lots of exciting things happening!

This week I took some important time out, just to chill. Instead of looking to exotic destinations, I decided to make the most of the town I live in, and it proved that sometimes there can be hidden treasures just around the corner, if we take the time to look. Take a moment to take a moment.


It’s a pretty good metaphor for life really. So often we spend our time waiting for the next thing. “When I’ve paid this debt. When I’m 2 stone lighter. When I’ve got a house. When I get that job…” but once we have those things, we still aren’t satisfied. Instead of looking at what is in front of us, we continue searching for the next thing which makes us happy, then the next, then the next. It sounds like a cliche, but we are so focused on the destination, we refuse to look at the journey,.


I’m just as bad in this; I’ve spent the last few months playing the “but when” game. “But when I get into graduate school, things will improve…but when I get this client, things will be easier.. but when I earn x amount a month, I can do this…”

Sometimes its easy to get so carried away with what isn’t, what might be, and what might never happen, that we risk losing all sense of what is.

By taking time to re-walk the paths right on my doorstep, I noticed new tracks, spots of breathtaking beauty, and scenes I have never before noticed.

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