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Hello! I’m back!

I have been suffering from a bit writer’s block lately, I have had a ton of things I want to write, but I just haven’t been able to focus on blogging.  I’ve got a lot of things planned for December, so I’m doing my best not to procrastinate any longer.

Anyways! Onto the review!

It was love at first sight when I saw this palette in Sephora, believe it or not, I have never had a Tarte palette before, I have bought them for other people but never used one my self, and let me just say, they do not disappoint.


To start out the packaging is absolutely stunning! As a girl who is drawn to anything sparkly these one makes me very happy, but thankfully the inside is just as pretty as the outside.

The top is covered in peachy pink and gold sequins and sparkles, the case its self is a light gold. I really like the size of it as well, it is great for travel as it has all the colors I need and the size is perfect for slipping in your bag.


Sizzle has seven neutral shades, two mattes, and five metallics. It is a rare palette these days that I will end up using every single shadow in, but every now and then you find a little gem like this.

Kite Surf (metallic light peach champagne)

Snorkel (soft metallic pink)

Paddleboard (matte warm tan)

High Tide (metallic copper)

Off Duty (matte brown)

Sandcastle (metallic plum)

Starfish (metallic deep rose gold)

Playa (matte soft pink)

All of the shadows are beautifully pigmented,  soft, almost creamy, and blend like a dream. The metallics are of course my favorites, Kite Surf, and High Tide especially, but the mattes are gorgeous as well.


Final thoughts are that this is a wonderful little palette and I can’t recommend it enough! It’s perfect for both everyday natural, but it can easily transition for a more glam look. I am so happy to have this in my collection, and I will definitely be picking up more of Tarte’s eyeshadows.



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