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Recent events in Manchester have put things into perspective even more. For me, it has been sickening to see what some people are capable of; to see how much one action can affect an entire city. Families and friends have been distraught, heartbroken, and empty.

I can’t even imagine how it would have felt to have been at the Ariana Grande concert on Monday 22 May. The noises. The fear. The vision that was displayed. Children. Young, young children.

Sometimes I ask myself, “What kind of world do we live in?” and I see a cruel one. But then I take a step back and see that it can be people who make it that way.

However, when I look at the strength and togetherness of Manchester, I see a city who are proud, and one which will definitely stand together. That makes me see the world we live in from a whole different perspective.

No age determines the more of a right you have to be taken away from the world. 8 years old, a little girl, a beautiful soul. Why? To have the intention to hurt anyone of any age in all of this atrocity is sickening, but children, is a completely other level.

Look back on yourself as an eight year old? Can you even imagine what the little girl was experiencing? Or any of those people on the evening? A night full of life and excitement ended with despair, grievance, and sorrow.

I’ve never been in such a situation so I certainly cannot picture it. I can only imagine that the pain and flashbacks would stay with me forever.

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