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I absolutely love taking part in Q and A’s. Growing up I always wanted to be famous so I used to get my nan to pretend to interview me and I used to feel so important. Although, I didn’t manage to become famous (there’s still time right?) being a blogger means that I do get to take part in quite a lot of Q&A’s so all is not lost aye?!

I have been tagged by the beautiful Amy from Mama Mighalls to do the Autumn Tag. As a lover of autumn I couldn’t turn this opportunity down!

I have also tagged a handful of my favourite bloggers who I think would take part at the bottom so be sure to check these lovelies out too.

The Autumn Tag What is your favourite Autumnal lip colour?

I don’t really wear Lipstick that much unless I am off out because my lips are like constantly dry and dry lips with lipstick on is really not a good look! However, when I do decide to don on the lippy I always go for nudes or a nude/brown colour.

 What is your favourite Autumnal nail colour?

I don’t really wear nail varnish because I am a constantly bite my nails (screw you anxiety!). But I do wear false nails on occasion and absolutely love the bold mat colours.

 Favourite Autumn Starbucks/Costa drink?

Ah! Now this is where you are going to shoot me down. I don’t actually like any warm drinks except the odd hot chocolate here and there. So the chances of me trying the autumn specials in these certain cafes is unlikely! I do however love to grab a Costa cafe latte from the milk isle of Tesco when I am doing my weekly shop. There’s something about that cold drink that leaves me wanting more.

 Favourite autumn candle?

Oh now this is super easy! I am loving the pumpkin spice candles at the moment. I purchased one from Primark and I love it. I love Primark candles as they don’t cost the Earth but they

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