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If you’re someone with a few little ones around you, or quite a few of them that make the household a lively, messy, but ultimately entertaining place to be day in and day out, then you’ve probably worried a lot about money in the past. Maybe you used to have trouble making sure you were bringing enough income home every day? Maybe yours and your partner’s jobs were incompatible in terms of revenue and schedule, meaning one of you had to stay at home more than the other? Maybe worrying is just in your nature, and you know money makes the world go round, especially when you’ve got kids to raise?

Either way, there’s some financial plans out there that have your family life in mind, and now would be a good time to look into them.


Try a Life Insurance Policy

Life insurance is something you should look into, seeing as anything could happen to you at any time, and you want your family taken care of if so. There’s all kinds of life insurance policies out there, and you’ll probably want to look into a level term contract – if you’ve just had a baby, you can use this kind of life insurance policy to look out for them for the next 18 years or so, with a fixed sum that will not change during this period, that can be taken out if something does happen.

Get a Family SIM Deal

Your family probably uses their phones more often than they do anything else, seeing as you can’t all sit around the TV and agree on a program to watch. Because of this, you’ve probably got your teenagers smart phone bill to cover as well as yours, and you’re getting tired of paying out at least £80 to £100 each month to make sure you can always stay in touch with each other!

Well, SMARTY mobile powered by Three can help you out here. This is a good family mobile plan, seeing as you can share the cost of the phone features your children are most likely to use up, a.k.a. their data, and even give them some of your own if you haven’t used all of yours.

Maybe You Should Try Child Tax Credit?

You’re working, and so is your partner, and you’re bringing in a good income to pay for the house and all the needs and whims of the children you love – but could you claim for a little more money each month, just to make sure your family is being taken care of properly? You don’t even need to be working to try out for child tax credit, as every parent

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