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There are many different theories about how to store wine and how this is done will affect the quality and taste of it.  There are some people that may decide to purchase things like wine racks or for those wine enthusiasts around us they may even store it in a wine cellar.  If you search the internet, you will find all sorts of different guidance and advice on how to best store wine and we have pulled together a few of these (from the experts) to help you out.

Use a Storage Company

The best thing to do if you are really keen to keep your wine perfect is to use a wine storage company such as Octavian. This company are experts and they have a large storage facility to suit all types of wines. Clearly, this wouldn’t be something that you would do with a £10 bottle of red you purchased from the supermarket, however, it would be if you have purchased the finest and highest quality of wine. Octavian will store the wine in the correct environment which includes the lighting, temperature and humidity to ensure that it stays in the best possible condition. This is the best idea if you are looking to invest in wine and potentially sell it on (maybe as part of a business or investment).


High temperatures are really bad for wine and anything over 70 degrees F can damage it. You may think that these sort of temperatures are not likely in the UK, however, during the summer monthsthis sort of temperature can easily be reached. As most UK homes do not have an air conditioning facility, this can then make the rooms internally become warmer than you would suspect therefore damaging the wine. On the other hand, you do not want the wine to be in too cold of an environment either – anything below 40 degrees F is to be avoided.


It is said that any direct light onto wine is detrimental to the quality of it. It is therefore recommended that you store wine in a pretty dull or dark area.  This could include potentially using a wine cellar or, if you have the wine on a rack, maybe put this somewhere like a cupboard, garage or similar in order to keep it away from the sun.  Even when transporting wine from A to B, you should be then looking to keep it away from the direct sun by packaging and transporting it properly.

Internal Storage

If you are storing the wine in your home then there are many different options in respect to wine racks. You will notice that all wine racks make you store the wine on its side – this is important if you want to easily remove the cork in the future. Typical wine racks can be purchased for quite a cheap price and you do not have to go over the top by spending a lot of money on this.

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