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Denmark’s capital Copenhagen is not exactly known for vegan cuisine; yet like most modern cosmopolitan cities, vegan food is becoming more and more prevalent.

I was only in Copenhagen for a couple of days and given that I was on a tight budget and staying in a hostel, I ate a cheap dinners in the (surprisingly vegan-friendly) hostel bar both nights.

So although I don’t have as much food porn to post as normal, there’s still a few places I discovered, which I just had to share!

Espresso Huset

Not to be confused with coffee shop chain Espresso House – which is dotted all over Copenhagen – Espresso Huset near Christianborg Palace is an independent cafe.

As I’d had no luck finding anything suitable to eat in the major chain, I hoped to fare better in this cosy, urban-styled cafe. They had a vegetarian sandwich on the menu but nothing vegan; however, the staff were more than happy to adapt the veggie one for me and create something tasty to order.

I ended up with an avocado and vegetable sandwich, which was generously filled and really hit the spot! I got a refreshing iced soya latte to go with it.

Vegan panini and iced coffee in Espresso Huset

They also offered a great range of cakes, pastries and baked goods for those looking for a sugar fix.

The cafe had a relaxing atmosphere, so I decided to eat in and make use of their free WiFi and charge points!


You don’t have to go far within the walls of hippy neighbourhood Freetown Christiania to find veggie food.

Morgenstedet is an entirely vegetarian cafe with plenty of vegan dishes. A plate of food costs less than 100 DKK (approx. £10 – decent for Copenhagen!) and you can choose from a mix of hot and cold dishes.

I can’t remember exactly what I ended up with but it was a mix of vegan salads (rice noodles, tofu, potato and carrots all featured), which were all fresh and tasty!

Vegan salad plate from Morgenstedet, Christiania

The food is made fresh daily and the cafe is staffed by volunteers so dishes vary depending who’s on shift. There’s no table service and you clear your own plate once finished, which gives the place a real community vibe.

I sat outside in the garen, which was perfect place for a spot of people watching.

Morgenstedet organic vegetarian cafe in Christiania

The Organic Boho

Just a few minutes’ walk from Christiania, I stumbled upon vegan cafe The Organic Boho.

As the name suggests, their entire menu is organic as well as plant-based. With slogans like, “Reducing your carbon footprint, meal by meal” and “Eat local, think global” adorning their signage, the cafe definitely had a bit of a hippy vibe, which I loved.

They offered a whole lot of tasty-looking breakfast bowls, smoothies and juices, bowls, salads, burgers and more. As I’d just had lunch, sadly I could only fit a drink in!

I went for a caramel frappe with almond milk, which was delicious and refreshing without being too sweet.

Vegan iced caramel latte at The Organic Boho, Copenhagen

Actually, I enjoyed it so much, I stayed for a cheeky almond milk cappuccino too…

Vegan latte at The Organic Boho, Copenhagen

Prices were reasonable (again, it’s Copenhagen – so not cheap) and service was friendly and fast. There was a good amount of indoor seating (with plug sockets – a traveller’s best friend!) and a few tables out the front for those lucky enough to visit on a sunny day.

Vegan iced caramel latte at The Organic Boho, Copenhagen

With only a weekend in Copenhagen, I didn’t get to sample as many eateries as I’d like but I did enjoy all the ones I stumbled upon. Guess I’ll just have to go back again to try more…

Have you been to Copenhagen? What cafes and restaurants would you recommend? Let me know in the comments!

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