Guess what?  It’s March.  Which means another month of 2018 completed and another month closer to completing my 2018 Reading Challenge.

February has been a quiet month for reading really… mainly because I got stuck reading a book I wasn’t really enjoying.  It didn’t capture my imagination well.

In February, I read just 4.5 books compared with my 12 from January.  I’ve still completed 16 books in 2018.  According to GoodReads I’m 9 books ahead of schedule.  2018 has been a great year so far with 4808 pages read. 

So, what did I read in February?


The Mists of Glen Strae (Kristin Gleeson)
30th Jan – 1st Feb

I know, I started reading The Mists of Glen Strae in January but I finished it in February so I have to count it as a February read.  I fell in love with Kristin Gleeson when I read The Hostage of Glenorchy, the first in The Highland Ballad Series. 

I could not stop myself when I started reading the first book and the second book was no different.

I actually interviewed Kristin last week in the lead up to the release of the third installation, The Braes of Huntly.


A Trace of Death (Blake Pierce)
1st Feb – 6th Feb

A Trace of Death is the first in the series based on Missing Persons Detective Keri Locke of the LAPD. 

It’s often good to start at the beginning of a series, however, I didn’t enjoy it enough to justify reading any more in the series just yet.  I should point out that there wasn’t actually a problem with the book or the writing, I just prefer the series of stories I’m already into (mainly The Highland Ballad Series and Faith Martin’s DI Greene series).

I have added the rest of the Keri Locke series to my ‘Want to Read’ GoodReads shelf though.


The Experiment of Dreams (Brandon Zenner)
6th Feb – 18th Feb

The Experiment of Dreams took me so long to read simply because I couldn’t get into it.  It was hard work.  It took me 6 days to read the first 35% of the book.  I almost gave up… but I’m just not that type of person, I ALWAYS finish a book.

I persevered, and it took me 12 days, but I finished it.  I was quite proud of that achievement.  Towards the end it did get a little more interesting but I don’t think I’ll be hunting out anymore of Zenner’s books. 


Strictly Murder (Lynda Wilcox)
18th Feb – 22nd Feb

Oh, I enjoyed Strictly Murder.  It was just what I needed after the previous difficult read.  It was quick and easy to read.  I found reading in the first person difficult at first but it was pleasant enough.

I did like the heroine, Verity, and adored her boss, KD. 

I probably will try out the rest of the series if the price is right.


Murder in the Mansion (Faith Martin)
22nd Feb – ongoing

I’ve had a busy week and haven’t read half as much as I would have liked so Murder in the Mansion is still being read.

It well and truly lives up to the previous 7 books in Faith’s DI Greene series.  I’m hoping to finish it over the next few days.

However, I have an interview with the author herself coming up next week so keep your eye out for that.


What did you read in February?

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