The curated closet is a wardrobe that has everything you need and is tailored to your personal style. Unlike a capsule which can be seasonal or following trend, a curated wardrobe is based entirely on you. The idea of a curated closet has been around for years now unfortunately it hadn’t reached me. It did take its sweet time but I love when I discover things that I can implement in my life. Whilst change is not easy most of the time it is necessary and needed.

Regular readers know that part of my goals is to declutter my home every 6 weeks. Well the last 24 weeks had proved to be a little bit of a challenge due to constant travel. I realized for the last 6 weeks I had accumulated more stuff than I needed and was due for a nice decluttering session. Knowing I would be off to Zambia to attend my friend’s wedding, I made a point of giving away 70% of my closet. I can say I am definitely in a happy place now and can share with you my curated closet. Though for this feature I am only focusing on bags as I have enough to last me a long time.

You don’t have to search my blog to know that I am an avid traveler and been at it for a couple of years now. I am enjoying it so much that I put together my very own version of 30 countries before Thirty. Aside from traveling I love sharing fashion outfits ideas that I myself have tried or would love to. Those who know me personally know I know my bags and there is no such thing as too many bags.

Recently I did a little shopping and picked up The Office and Errands {similar} bags from JustFab. I am absolutely loving these two bags as they are so fit for purpose and are absolutely gorgeous. The design is devastatingly on point and reminder me of my first love for JustFab as a company. As I said there is no

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