The Happy List is a new series that has replaced Five Things series which I found myself struggling to do. It’s a lovely post idea and I enjoyed it for all of 24/25 weeks before I threw in the towel. To such it came across as boosting that oooh look at me and the awesome things I did. And to others it was just a lovely series but since I can’t please everyone I chose to please me. The Happy List will document all the awesome things that made me happy each ending week. The little things in life that I normally don’t think much of and neglect. As well as the bigger things that made me happy.

The second week of The Happy List has been totally epic in my book. I have been able to do so much towards my 30 before Thirty bucketlist and I am excited. Because I don’t wanna jinx it I won’t share much but sharing I certainly will do.

{•} As part of my 30 Countries Before 30, I have 5 Countries left to complete my personal project. This week I have been able to book 1.5 countries and I am very excited about it. I say 1.5 because I will only spend 10 hours or less in one of the countries. It’s because I will be on route to my final destination to start my pre-30th birthday celebrations.

{••} Regular readers know last year I managed to pass my driving test with 4 days to spare. I had made a promise to myself that I should accomplish this before 2016 ended. {I did}. This week the driving licence that I had been fighting with DVLA  for the last 4 months finally came. Now I can start car shopping, hopefully finance will be nice to me.

{•••} Earlier in the week I received an invite asking if I would like to review a restaurant. I have never done restaurant review before so I was pretty excited. And best part I get to take a guest and I chose my sister to go with

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